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Featured Member - Teresa here is ME in a nutshell . . grew up in a small town in southwest Virginia . .went to the University of VA and got a degree in Psyc . . so, i decided to really use my degree and i managed restaurants for about 30 years: Charley's (not the chain . . Charley Sands, and ex-Pirates catcher opened up 3 in VA in Charlottesville, Roanoke and Richmond,Va . . i managed all three at one time or another. Also managed Applebees and Steak and Ale's throughout the south. Atlanta was favorite location and i lived there for 9 years. Ditched the restaurant business after my 'store' was robbed in Atlanta . .Moved back home to have back surgery (fusion) and met my sweet husband. We had gone to High School together and started talking again when i was walking 10 miles a day to get my back into shape. Taught school in my hometown for a few years (i went and got my Early Childhood Ed degree at GA STATE when i was in my late 30's . .pretty proud of that). Now, i work for my sister who is an attorney and at a national public opinion research firm part time . . gives me the time to look after my Mom who is in her 80's. . no kids, but love them and ALL animals, great and small. And, i adore my family . .WHEW
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Added: 26th April 2008
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Posted By: Steve
Posted by: Steve on 2008-04-26 
One of the things that makes this site special is our members. To help everyone get to know each other we will be featuring members each day. Donít worry, I will ask you for your profile, so you wonít be surprised!

The profile may stay for a couple of days and repeat every so often, we get new members all the time!

Teresa is THE first charter member of YouRememberThat (YRT) about a year before it started. She and I were on another social website when someone made a comment about Hee-Haw and we both made comments about the post. I then sent her a private message and a friendship was born. We then tested reminiscing clips on the site and found how much of a following there was for reminiscing! More importantly she and I became good friends!
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-04-27 
Over the months Teresa and I have become inseperable (we do this via cyberspace and it ain't easy lol... and we owe it all to Stevie for bringing us together!
Posted by: Cathy on 2008-04-27 
What an interesting background Teresa! I like this idea! I never seen a site personalize things like this place!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2008-04-27 
Sounds like you've led an interesting life, Teresa.
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-04-27 
boy howdy, have i ever Lava! this is just basically an outline of my life . . and i totally agree with you Cathy. I have never seen a site where the members are so forth-coming and close! It isreally special . . in the beginning, when i would talk to Steve, there was just a kernel of an idea that we both hoped would come to fruition. The work that Steve put into seeing this come to life was hard won . . . i remember looking for pictures to post months and months before all the kinks were worked out. I was looking for pics more because in my neck of the woods, high speed internet was not available . . . even my dial-up was slow dial-up. You can just imagine how thrilled i was when i was finally able to view the clips on YRT. That's one reason i like to post pictures . . there are bound to be others out there, like me, who are limited by the type of service that is available.

And, i would honestly have to say that Steve and Naomi are my two dearest friends . . . usually internet friendships are quite limited . . Naomi and i speak on the phone . .cool stuff like that . .this is an AWESOME site and i feel soooooo privileged to be a member and to have gotten to know so many great people!
Posted by: sweets50 on 2008-04-27 
Very nice to the point !! I like that ! Sounds like you have a interesting life, always on the go.
You'll never grow old that way !!! LOL LOL
Posted by: Freckles on 2008-04-28 
What an inspiriting bio to say the least! Just to have happiness in this day and age is so inspiring!!!
Posted by: Rickfmdj on 2008-04-28 
Just Wow!
Posted by: wdh51 on 2008-04-29 
Great Bio Teresa. I can recall, early in my marriage, the steak and Ale in Orange Park, FL. We could afford it maybe once a month.
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-04-29 
THANKS, wdh51!!!!!!!!! I always LOVED the old steak house atmosphere . . dark, but cozy . . the salad bar was a pain to maintain (lol) but i loved munching on the mini-loaves of bread!! yummmm!
Posted by: roseanns1 on 2008-05-16 
Glad to meet you Teresa. Love all your vintage photos. Keep them coming.
Posted by: Jhonmaik on 2021-01-20 
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