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McDonalds Big Mac Commercial 1975 Everyone over 40 should know the ingredients in a Big Mac: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions...on a sesame seed bun.
Tags: McDonalds  Big  Mac  commercial 
Added: 8th March 2008
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Posted By: Lava1964
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-03-08 
LOL I remember whan it actually mattered to me whether ir not I could say this!
Posted by: Steve on 2008-03-08 
I remember when they came in the Styrofoam containers and the tree huggers went nuts!
Posted by: donmac101 on 2008-03-09 
Can anyone remember ever getting an order anything like the display boards advertised? You open the box, look up, and go, 'that looks nothing like this'!
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-03-09 
Having ate truely great food,and I'm still slim and trim and also love food .Every Franchise you know what it's gonna taste like before it touches your toungue around the U.S.That's half the pleasure that 1st bite.When you've worked in a gourmet restaurant,ate in N.Y.C.had Chinese,Indian,Italian,French etc... friends make you food the way it IS made.YOU'LL never eat heart stopping franchise food again.When I was wealthy from my biz.My biggest decision at the end of my work day was,what good food to eat.I'M DEAD SERIOUS!
Posted by: Naomi on 2008-03-10 
Yes donmac, in fact I did, last year. We went to the MCD's inside Walmart Supercenter, where they had this humongous full color poster of a big juicy burger covered with Italian sauce and melted mozzarella, I mean, this thing was bursting at the seams! I love Italian style, so I asked for one. What I got was a small flat burger with a teaspoon's amount of sauce, not even Italian sauce, and a microscopic amount of some kind of cheese. My hubby and I looked at each other and I knew when I got home I was heading straight for my pc and the Mc E-Mail....to sum it up, they sent me free coupons for the same exact item, like this was going to make it taste any better. I really reamed them out about their deceptive advertising too. Did it do any good? I doubt it. Now we go to BK.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-03-10 
BK always gave me HB heart burn.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2008-03-10 
I know a woman who claims she's never set foot inside a McDonald's restaurant--and she's quite proud of it.

Personally I prefer the food at Wendy's to the food at McDonald's. I also hate the multiple cashier setup at McDonalds. You can get stuck in a slow line, and someone who came in five minutes after you did but got into a fast line ends up getting served before you do.
Posted by: tommy7 on 2008-03-10 
Wendy's burgers were no bigger then McDonalds when they started.They made it square as to stick out the bun and appear larger.
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