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Beaver Lamb and Wombat coats The animal rights crowd won't like this 1929 ad. A wombat coat? Sounds weird, but what a deal! You save $14.
Tags: wombat  lamb  beaver  coats 
Added: 17th November 2007
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Posted By: Lava1964
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-11-17 
Lava, you're giving me acid reflux....
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-17 
A couple of things about this ad are unclear to me: Is each coat made of all three furs or can you buy a 100%wombat coat? I honestly don't know what a wombat looks like, either. Can anyone help me.
Posted by: Babs64 on 2007-11-17 
I agree with Naomi. My husband knows if he gives me any kind of fur, it better have the live animal inside of it!
Posted by: BigBoy Bob on 2007-11-17 
You ever notice how the animal rights people target the old ladies in their fur coats, but leave the bikers in their leather jackets alone?
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-17 
Bill Maher once made a similar observation on Politically Incorrect. He claimed animal rights advocates were only interested in protecting cute, furry animals. Ugly animals such as pigs and cows were of no interest to them.
Posted by: Babs64 on 2007-11-17 
Not this one, if it has fur, feathers or fins it's got my protection.
Posted by: Babs64 on 2007-11-17 
Maybe I should add any type of covering, as long as it's an animal it has a right to live under humane conditions.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-17 
I've come up with an appropriate slogan for our new cause:

They may have been fine
Back in 1929,
But wombat coats aren't great
As we enter 2008!
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-11-17 
You've got great potential for becoming a true liberal!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-11-17 
I thought offensive terms weren't allowed on this website! (Just kidding, maybe!)
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-11-18 
Gee Lava, now I'm not sure....maybe I should go check to see if the word conservative has ever been used here!
(Just kidding, maybe!)
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