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Readers Digest August 1970 Issue Date: August 1970; Vol. 97, No. 580 Articles, subjects and contributors in this issue: COVER: Bicycle Byway by Ralph Avery. From Bach to Books by Jeffrey R. Haskell. The Crow and the Oriole by James Thurber. Boss of the Park -- Umpires -- by Bill Surface. The Plains a Boy a Summer Day by Hal Borland. 41 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Living. Russia's Menacing New Challenge in the Middle East by Joseph Alsop. We Need Our Young Activists by John D. Rockefeller 3rd. Portrait of a Mobster -- Carlos Marcello -- by William Schulz. Sexual Inadequacy -- And What Can Be Done About It by Will Bradbury. How to Talk With Your Teen Ager About Drugs by Herman W. Land. Toward a Livable Environment: I Victory in the Everglades by Jean George. II A Sensible Plan for Future Development by James Nathan Miller. The Car in the River by E. D. Fales Jr. Bold New Directions for U S High Schools by Arlene Silberman. Poverty at the Border by Lester Velie. Try Giving Yourself Away David Dunn. Japan -- All Asia Watches and Wonders by Carl T. Rowan. The Gifts of Gregory Menn by Joseph P. Blank. Better Living With Machinery by Charles McDowell Jr. L Dopa Has Set Me Free by Floyd Miller. Time to Knock Out the Vote Thieves! by Louis B. Nichols. Provocative; Prophetic Margaret Mead by David Dempsey. How to Murder Your Husband by Jean Mayer. Rugged Idaho by Don Wharton. They Go to Prison on Purpose Arthur Gordon. What the Moon Rocks Reveal by Fred Warshofsky. The Lesson of the Lemmings by Ola and Emily d'Aulaire. Bottoms Up! by Jack Goodman and Alan Green. The Duel That Changed Our History by Thomas Fleming. Paper Magic of Origami by and Akira Yoshizawa by Leland Stowe. KGB: The Swallows' Nest "KGB" by John Barron.
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Added: 26th December 2014
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Posted By: Cathy
Posted by: Pfc on 2014-12-27 
I cancelled my Reader's Digest this year because it isn't the same anymore. So far from the reason I signed up for decades ago.
Posted by: Music Maiden on 2014-12-27 
I use to buy a lot of books because of the condensed stories in Reader's Digest. I don't even have my subscription any more.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2014-12-27 
My sixth-grade teacher had compiled a large library of short stories and condensed novels from Reader's Digest. He often used them for English literature assignments.
Posted by: Classico on 2014-12-27 
I've always enjoyed RD even though it has a tendency to paint too rosy a portrait of life in the USA. Or, at least it did in the old days. I haven't really kept up with it in recent years so perhaps it is looking into some of the sadder aspects of our lives, unlike the past.

I certainly agree that we need to stay as positive as possible. But sometimes we need to be fully honest with ourselves.

Still, there is no doubt that this has always been a fine publication. I remember when it had a special promotion where you could get a lifetime subscription for $100. A bargain for darn sure!
Posted by: Old Fart on 2014-12-28 
No more condensed books or stories. That's when I cancelled.
Posted by: Bicymi on 2018-07-27 
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