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Sixties Prom Dresses From the cover of Seventeen magazine in April of 1965, prom dresses were more sweet than sexy.
Tags: sixties  fashions 
Added: 8th October 2010
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Posted By: AngoraSox
Posted by: Carl1957 on 2010-10-08 
Modesty sure was nice.
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2010-10-09 
It sure was, Carl1957! That's why I have so much fun uploading vintage Seventeen magazine content at my corbyfans website dedicated to famed Sixties model Colleen Corby. But believe it or not, recently I found the most shocking Revlon ad in a 1945 Seventeen magazine and I have no idea how it got past the conservative gatekeepers who ran the magazine at the time! I placed it in the album called Chat And Newsroom 2010. On the other hand, after having read Charles Revsons bio (Revlon creator) , I shouldn't be surprised that the picture source was this immoral despot who was a marketing genius.
BTW your baby icon continues to give me a big laugh! It is terrific!
Posted by: Steve on 2010-10-09 
The topics seem relevant even to today!
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2010-10-10 
They really do and often are relevant to today. That's partly what keeps my interest during the tedious process of scanning and then pasting the one page back together from two scans to create the original large format page.It is amazing how current both the clothing and the issues are in these 1960s Seventeen magazines. They really are treasures. I'm surprised it took me so long to discover this fact. Everytime I open one of the Sixties issues (this time-space-continuum phenomena takes place mainly in the Sixties issues almost exclusively) I get lost in reading. LOL They are so full of info that they are like mini-history books presented in pop fashion (no pun intended). Who knew?
Posted by: eric1957 on 2010-10-11 
Interesting. Especially with celebrities for the piece The Person Who Changed My Life.
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2010-10-12 
Well, NOW I'm inspired to actually POST that article The Person Who Changed My Life onto my website. Recently I read something disturbing about Al Capp I think I will post that near the article. But I can't say I'm surprised. I have never liked is cartoons. He always seemed like a dirty old man and according to a recent report about him, he was--tales from the dark side. LOL
Posted by: AngoraSox on 2010-12-18 
Oh I feel guilty. I still haven't posted that article yet.
The thing I liked about Seventeen magazine back then was that you got to meet and actually see people you might never have occasion to, like Ogden Nash. In the old days...where is my cane...the 1960's January issues of Seventeen magazine were dedicated to regular teens of the times (non celebs) who were asked to contribute and give that month's issue a personal or plebeian touch. In other words, me and or my peers would pretty much be producing the January issue. You don't see that anymore. For years I knew the Ogden Nash light verse...I think that I shall never see
a billboard lovely as a tree.
Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,
I'll never see a tree at all...but, speaking of seeing, I'd never actually seen a picture of Nash. In Seventeen magazine's January 1963 issue a pleb like myself interview him, so I saw him AND his daughter for the first time. Ogden Nash, US humorist poet (1902 to 1971). And he looked SO YOUNG in that particular issue of Seventeen magazine, which you can see on my corbyfans website in the ARTICLES album. No promo intended but I was amazed to find him in a fashion magazine. But then, it was an amazing fashion magazine. That makes it now an historical treasure trove if one cares to look at it from that perspective. Not that I'm trying to change the subject about my guilt or anything. LOL I WILL eventually post The Person Who Changed My Life article. I should have capitalized the word EVENTUALLY. LOL
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