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The Great Gazoo Partway through the final season of The Flintstones, a new character was added to the animated sitcom: The Great Gazoo. Gazoo was a tiny, green, floating alien who possessed magical powers. He was exiled to Earth from his home on planet Zatox as punishment for having invented a doomsday machine, a weapon of immense destructive power. Gazoo was discovered by Fred and Barney when his flying saucer crashed near Fred's car. Gazoo referred to Fred and Barney as 'dum-dums.' Gazoo secretly befriended Fred and Barney but constantly caused problems for them. Gazoo's name derived from the lyrics of a 1909 song, 'King of the Bungaloos,' by Charles Straight and Gene Greene. Harvey Korman provided The Great Gazoo's voice. Because Gazoo was introduced into The Flintstones midway through the sixth and final season (in the October 29, 1965 episode titled 'The Great Gazoo'), Gazoo's inclusion is often cited by fans of the show as the moment the series 'jumped the shark.' In total, The Great Gazoo appeared in 10 episodes of The Flintstones.
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Added: 17th November 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2009-11-17 
When THe Flintstones frist aired in 1960, it was billed as an adult show. By the time the final season ended, it had transformed itself into a kids show. Most of the adult-level humor, which had characterized the first two seasons, had gone.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2009-11-18 
Gazoo! He rocked!! I liked it when they would call him when he was busy. Which was usually all the time.
Posted by: cali4naluv on 2010-02-09 
I am married to the great gazoo! This is a tragic but true story, my husband dropped acid when he was in college. He now has brain damage, he believes he is the great gazoo.
Posted by: Jedwgrn on 2010-02-09 
cali4naluv sorry to hear of your tragedy. May God grant you strength, comfort, love, and empathy and your husband recovery.
Posted by: cali4naluv on 2010-02-10 
Thank you Jedwgrn, that's real nice of you. I'm just happy i still have him, I realize it could of been so much worse. Unfortunately he's as recovered as he's going to be. I am married to a totally different person but i love him unconditionally and that will never change. I just hope people take my story as a warning about drugs.
Posted by: Steve on 2010-02-10 
Now that's what I call love and dedication Cali!

Welcome to YouRememberThat.com !
Posted by: cali4naluv on 2010-02-11 
Thank you everyone for the kind words. Im sorry, I didn't mean to bring the mood down lol im really a happy person. I love Dave and yes Steve it is dedication it's just hard being 23 and in this kind of situation, no one really prepares for a marriage to be like this but it's until death do us part and i am so happy to have him and would never take anything for granted!
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