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Archie Bunker on Democrats Archie's wisdom. It,s funny how revelant after all these years his statements hold true.
Tags: Imagine    them  trying  to  put  a  show  like  that  on  these  days 
Added: 7th July 2009
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Posted By: Marty6697
Posted by: sweets50 on 2009-07-26 
Posted by: beev50 on 2010-01-09 
Ditto had a father just like Archie.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2010-03-29 
Archie had it right!
Posted by: Dixiejet on 2010-07-16 
I had a dad just like him, too !!! But I agree that his comment about the country going straight into the dump is true...
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2010-07-16 
I've read the works of a few historians who claim the apex of American society was achieved in the years immediately following the Second World War--and it's been downhill ever since. Now there's fodder for discussion!

In my country (Canada) it could be argued that our Centennial year of 1967 was its apex.

Like most great societies in history, we are rotting from within and we lack the courage to stop it.
Posted by: TheSaint on 2010-07-17 
Archie Bunker. Wow. Back when there was free speech on TV. Now everthing is so PC. Everything is a disease or an affliction and everyone over 50 has a handicap parking sticker. It cracks me up when I see an SUV pull into a handicap spot with snow skis or jet skis loaded on top.

Lava- the Ronald Reagan years represented a resurgence for the good ol' USA. His policies helped stop and defeat communism and his strength and conviction led to the Berlin wall coming down. Bush set our country back a generation and although I like Obama - I don't think he has a clue when it comes to business.

I read a controvercial article recently indicating that if women always voted in US history - Presidents like Abe Lincoln and George Washington would have been unelectable because of their appearance. Also there would be no way a wheelchair bound Prez could get elected today much less one with wood teeth. Many women are registered Independents or Democrats and are far more likely to vote on appearance. That is why a Ross Perot or Ron Paul have no shot. Men are probably just as shallow only there have been no women Prez candidates.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2010-07-17 
Saint - I agree there was a resurgence in America during the Reagan years. I also agree that Archie Bunker wouldn't get on network TV today. Somebody would be offended.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2010-09-21 
Arch! tells it like it is. God Bless America!
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