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Friend Requests- YRT FAQ- Sending and Receiving Sending and Receiving Friend Requests. See comments.
Tags: Sending  and  Receiving  Friend  Requests  on  YouRememberThat.com  YRT  FAQ 
Added: 20th May 2009
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Posted By: Admin
Posted by: Admin on 2009-05-20 
Friend Requests:

Sending a Friend Request:

Select the member or members you wish to become your friends. Open the member's Profile Page by clicking on their avatar from the Member List, from Recent Comments, or previous comments. On the member's Profile Page, in the left column, in the second box (below the member's avatar) titled Connect With (member's name) find Add To Friends. Click on Add To Friends. A friend request will be sent to that member and that member's avatar will appear in your Friends area with a Pending Approval comment. If you wish to add a comment to their wall requesting their friendship, in the same box below the avatar, click Add Comment and type your message. The message will appear in the comments section below the box where you clicked Add To Friends and Add Comment. Click on the following link to view a screenshot of the page.



Receiving a Friend Request:

There are two ways to determine that you have received a Friend Request. The first is when someone posts a message on your wall/comments section on you profile page requesting you become their friend. Second is when you see that you have a new message in the My Messages.


Friend Request Posted On Your Wall.

When a member posts a friend request on your wall (comments section on your profile page) normally they have already sent the request to you. On the YRT Homepage (picture of this in the first link below), on the lefthand side in the box with your screen name, click on My Friends, this will take you to a gallery of your existing friends. Above the gallery, under the area titled My Friends, you will see Friends (number) | Friends Requesting Your Approval, click on the latter. For a view of this click the second link below.



The above action takes you to the avatar of the member making the request with the choice of commands to [Decline | Accept] their request. See the screenshot in the link below to view this page.



Friend Request In The Inbox.

On the YRT Homepage routinely check the box on the left labelled with your member screen name. It is not uncommon to overlook new messages that you receive. When a new message arrives the number of messages will be indicated in parentheses (? New). Click on My Messages. Click the following link for a screenshot.


If there are no messages or no new messages present in your inbox, a friend request will be indicated in two places - in My Messages/Friend Requests and Inbox. Click on the link to view their locations.


Click on one of the Friend Request which takes you the Friend Request page inbox displaying a friend request sent by a member. Click on the title of the message. Click the following link for a view.


This diplays the message sent to you by the requestor. To manage the friend request click on My Friends. See the link to view a screenshot of the page.


After clicking on My Friends the friend management page displays. Here by clicking the appropriate command you can Decline or Accept the friend request. If you accept, this person's avatar will be added to your friends gallery and your avatar will be displayed in their friends gallery. See the following link to view.

Posted by: Steve on 2009-05-20 
I have to give our beloved Jack aka Jedwgrn credit on these. I did an original write up and asked for him to proof it. He came back with these awesome photos and links. Thanks so much Jack!
Posted by: Alcott on 2020-06-22 
good post
Posted by: Jhonmaik on 2021-01-20 
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