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TERESA Trivia Game 9 21 07 "Good evening. If you love Hitchcock as much as I love Hitchcock, you'll love this quiz!" How Well Do You Know the HITCH?? Questions are in the comments section.
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Added: 21st September 2007
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Posted By: Naomi
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-09-21 
1. The movie 'Rope' was based on what bizarre murder case in American history?

- Lenny and Bruce
- Lerner and Lowe
- Leopold and Loeb
- Ziegfield and Roy

2. What movie had the villain falling
falling to his death from the torch
on the Statue of Liberty?

- Saboteur
- Secret Agent
- Sabotage
- North by Northwest

3. Which Hitch movie featured a scene
with twelve minutes of music, no
dialogue. and 124 different shots
in the sequence?

- Torn Curtain
- The 39 Steps
- Topaz
- The Man Who Knew Too Much

4. What was the first movie in which
Alfred Hitchcock made his famous
cameo appearance?

- The Lady Vanishes
- The 39 Steps
- The Lodger
- Juno and the Peacock

5. What movie's star was NOT in the
most memorable scene in the movie?

- The Man Who Knew Too Much
- Vertigo
- Rear Window
- Psycho

6. What movie had a scene filmed on
Mount Rushmore?

- Family Plot
- Vertigo
- North by Northwest
- Marnie

7. What actor starred in the most
Hitchcock movies?

- John Forsythe
- Sean Connery
- Cary Grant
- Paul Newman

8. What movie provided the greatest
challenge for a Hitchock cameo

- Frenzy
- Lifeboat
- North by Northwest
- Psycho

9. What actor has never appeared in a
Hitchcock movie?

- Tom Ewell
- Sean Connery
- Bruce Dern
- Raymond Burr

10. What actress never appeared in a
Hitchcock movie?

- Audrey Hepburn
- Mariette Hartley
- Suzanne Pleshette
- Karen Black

11. Which is not a Hitchcock movie?

- Mr. and Mrs. Smith
- Rebecca
- Charade
- Jamaica Inn

12. What is the name of the music
referred to as Hitchcock's

- Danse Macabre
- Funeral March of a Marionette
- Hitchcock's Theme
- Blue Danube Waltz

13. What movie had the largest (at the
time) indoor set built at Paramount

- Torn Curtain
- Vertigo
- Rear Window
- Rebecca

14. In what movie was the star older
than the actress who played his

- Psycho
- Strangers on a Train
- Marnie
- North by Northwest

15. What real-life songwriter played
the songwriter in Rear Window,
where Hitchcock made his cameo

- Ross Bagdasarian
- Franz Waxman
- Henry Mancini
- Randy Newman

16. What movie had the bad guy hit in
the head with a pot, stabbed, knees
broken with a shovel, choked and
finally gassed to death in an oven?

- Saboteur
- Torn Curtain
- Topaz
- The Man Who Knew Too Much

17. What movie had the tagline:
The Master of Suspense presents
a 3,000 mile chase across

- Saboteur
- North by Northwest
- Saba
- Torn Curtain

18. What movie marked Hitchcock's
first return to England since
1950's Stage Fright?

- Topaz
- To Catch a Thief
- Dial M for Murder
- Frenzy

19. What movie starred Marlene
Dietrich with Jane Wyman as her

- Foreign Correspondent
- Rich and Strange
- Under Capricorn
- Stage Fright

20. Where did Hitchcock make his final
cameo appearance?

- In a cemetery
- In the Registrar's office of Births
and Deaths
- On a train
- In a jail cell

Posted by: Naomi on 2007-09-21 
If this wasn't Hitchcock trivia, I would've thought that #16 was from a DeNiro flic lol
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-09-21 
LOL!! u're right!! ok, i'm answering my own quiz!! #1 was Leopold and Loeb.
(The real life case involved 2 rich college students who wanted to know what it felt like to murder someone).
sick, sick, sick!
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-21 
I can answer a few (I think):

#1 Leopold and Loeb
#3 The Man Who Knew Too Much
#5 Psycho
#6 North By Northwest
#8 Lifeboat

I'll consult my father, a movie buff, for the rest.
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-09-21 
Speaking of Leopold and Loeb..some very interesting facts I actually remember lol Police psychologists explained them in this way, apart, these two young men were harmless. They were like two seperate components of a bomb, each one harmless by itself, but put them together, and they became deadly.
Posted by: Lambchop on 2007-09-21 

#5: Anthony Perkins was in New York City rehearsing a play when the shower scene from PSYCHO was filmed.

#6: Hitch could not get permission to film a murder on a national monument, so he had to construct a replica of Mount Rushmore.

#8: LIFEBOAT was challenging since the movie only had one set, the lifeboat. Hitch appeared in a newspaper ad read by one of the survivors.

Posted by: Teresa on 2007-09-21 
woooo, Lambchop!! great Trivia!!
Posted by: Lambchop on 2007-09-21 
and that's very interesting about Leopold and Loeb, Naomi. If only they hadn't met!
Posted by: Marie on 2007-09-21 
i think Alfred Hitchcock was seen twice in The Lodger (question 4) but i'm not sure if this was his 'first' cameo appearance; also, i get a kick out of number 16! seems like extreme overkill, but this was from Torn Curtain. (are we sure he's really dead?)
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-09-21 
no wonder i haven't seen THE LODGER, Marie . . where did u catch it? . .i was reading that it was the 3rd film that Hitchcock directed and was also a silent film (1927). . .
Posted by: Naomi on 2007-09-21 
I keep thinking The Lodger starred either Raymond Burr or Lon Crager? I saw this back in high school, I can see the male star coming down a staircase, but I can't recall who he was. OK, I just checked, his name was Laird Cregar!
He was very much like Raymond Burr, big, wide shoulders, menacing looking.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-23 
The answer to #11 is Charade; it is not a Hitchcock movie.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-23 
#2 is Saboteur.

#12 is Funeral March of a Marionette
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-23 
#20. The office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2007-09-23 
For #9 I'll guess Tom Ewell. I checked his acting credits: He appeared in a 1956 episode of Hitchcock's TV show, but as far as I can tell, Ewell did not appear in a Hitchcock movie.
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-09-25 
GREAT RESEARCH LAVA!!!! Tom Ewell appeared in an episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', but never in a movie!! two thumbs up!!!!
Posted by: Teresa on 2007-09-25 
and right u are Lava on #20! his last cameo was in the Registr's office of Births and Deaths...in the movie FAMILY PLOT. His famous profile was shadowed on the door.
And, u are on target with #11! CHARADE was advertised as being directed in the 'Alfred Hitchcock' suspense tradition, but it was actually directed by Stanley Donen.

Posted by: Jhonmaik on 2021-01-18 
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