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CKLW Back in the day CKLW was the station to listen to. Grew up with this local international station. Located in Windsor Canada. Across the river from us in southeastern Michigan. I remenber going to K Marts looking at the top ten buying 45 records. Remember that? AM Radio was where it was at back then.
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Added: 24th March 2009
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Posted By: Marty6697
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-03-24 
oh, what great memories!
Posted by: Steve on 2009-03-25 
Let me guess, it's a talk radio station now.
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-03-25 
I would say...No, not a talk show!
Your Funny STEVE!
Posted by: Mia_bambina on 2009-03-25 
Steve, Are you having some FUN with Marty and I???
Posted by: Steve on 2009-03-25 
I was serious about the talk radio, that's all they do with AM these days. A quick check of Wikipedia confirms this:
Today CKLW combines local talk radio with U.S.-based syndication programs and those produced by CHUM. The station now goes by the name AM 800, The Information Station (or as AM 800 CKLW)
Posted by: Videoholic on 2009-03-27 
VERY VERY good collage of my FAVORITE radio station of all time!!! I grew up with CK in the 60s, being in Cleveland it came in all the time! And, I've been fortunate to meet a lot of the people shown in this collagel, most of them at the 2005 Detroit Radio Reunion, which I videotaped!! Good job!!! For those who don't know, Rosalie was performed by Bob Seeger, as a tribute to Rosalie Trombley, music director at CKLW for many years, who broke hit record after hit record for The Big 8!!
Posted by: IK7 on 2009-05-07 
Thanks for this clip! I was a teenager when listening to this station so of course it has wonderful memories for me. Use to get all sorts of great stations to come in at night in NE Ohio
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2009-05-08 
I grew up listening to CKLW before FM Radio. The Big 8 Yup. Big time memories with this clip Keener 13 WKNR was another good AM Station back then. W4 Quad, remember Quad radio? Love It! WDRQ was another one. WDRQ is a Ball lol! Remembering is a good thing.
Posted by: Tenorissimo on 2010-05-25 
Wasn't Dick Purtan on that station then? I was a kid, but I remember him and CKLW being a big deal in those days.
Posted by: Marty6697 on 2010-05-25 
Not sure if Dick Purtan was on WJR. But he was an Icon in Detroit radio for many years. Retired just a few months ago.
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