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Mona Lisa Stolen 1911 This is what remained of the Mona Lisa in The Louvre after it was stolen on August 21, 1911--four metal hooks on a wall. The famous painting was missing until December 1913 when an Italian, Vincenzo Peruggia, tried to sell it to a museum in his own country. Peruggia was portrayed as a patriotic Italian who wanted to return the Mona Lisa to his homeland. However, the real story of the painting's theft did not come out for years. Peruggia actually stole the Mona Lisa for an Argentine art forger who had already made six passable copies of it. When the theft became public news, the forger had no use for the real painting. Instead he sold the six copies to six different gullible art fans for extraordinary sums, each buyer believing he had bought the true Da Vinci masterpiece. During the 27 months the painting was missing, Peruggia had kept it in a trunk under his bed in his apartment not far from The Louvre. He was waiting for instructions from the art forger that never came. Eventually Peruggia tried to sell the original painting himself and was promptly arrested.
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Added: 1st March 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Posted by: Sprucemoose on 2009-03-01 
That's heavy. Can you imagine someone trying to steal it today? I think the Eiffel Tower would be easier booty.
Posted by: Lava1964 on 2009-03-01 
The full story behind the theft of the Mona Lisa is really interesting, but too long to post here. Here are some of the highlights, though:

The thief, Peruggia, was a former employee at The Louvre, so he knew how the place operated.

He stole the painting on a Monday when the museum was closed to the public. He went to the museum on Sunday just before closing time and slept in a closet.

He donned a pair of worker's overalls the next morning and blended in with the rest of the staff.

He just helped himself the to painting at an opportune time.

He discarded the frame in a stairwell and stuffed the picture under his shirt. It isn't very large.

The painting wasn't even discovered to be missing (an oxymoron?) until the Tuesday morning.
Posted by: Steve on 2009-03-01 
I think they made a couple movies on this. I remember learning about this in junior high.
Posted by: Frankland on 2019-10-25 
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