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MST3K Hike Up Your Pants From episode 307, Daddy-o, comes the Hike up your Pants song. Enjoy! watch the movie here: http://tiny.pl/lg2g it is my favorite episode ever
Tags: mst3k  joel  tom  servo  crow  gypsy  daddy-o  pants  high 
Added: 1st February 2008
Views: 1566
Posted By: geminat
Mother Of Mine Give me your comments on this one. This version is by Neil Reid, a wee Scots lad; only 12; that won one of the UK's best known talent shows, Opportunity Knocks. It went on to the no.1 chart position in 1972 and most will tell you they can't remember this one. Sorry but I can.
Added: 3rd February 2008
Views: 1255
Posted By: donmac101
British First World War Poster If you don't enlist in the British Army in the First World War, you'll have some explaining to do to your children in a few years! That was the unmistakable message of this famous British recruitment poster.
Tags: First  World  War  poster  British 
Added: 4th February 2008
Views: 13398
Posted By: Lava1964
Bee Gees Night Fever Put on your dancing shoes and sing along with the Bee Gees. Falsetto voice is mandatory.
Tags: Bees  Gees  Night  Fever 
Added: 30th March 2008
Views: 1271
Posted By: Lava1964
Adiemus If you hadn't guessed by now, I like music with atmosphere. This piece by Karl Jenkins has been used in Ads, TV programmes and film. The lead singer in this song is Miriam Stockley (not Enya) and her voice is quite unique. The video that goes along with this is a compilation of clips from the BBC's Planet Earth series, a must see if your into natural history.
Tags: Karl  Jenkins  Miriam  Stockley  Lord  of  the  Rings 
Added: 6th February 2008
Views: 1205
Posted By: donmac101
Blunt Oshkosh Overalls Ad Want some straight talk about your body type? This ad (circa 1940) gave you no baloney. You might be short and fat or tall and fat. Regardless, you'd look good in Oshkosh overalls.
Tags: Oshkosh  ad 
Added: 27th April 2008
Views: 1702
Posted By: Lava1964
Hannibal   Vide Cor Meum Ask any youngen if they've listened to opera and the answer will no doubt be no. What most will forget is hearing it in a film or as the undertone to a popular hit. I put forward the following for your approval. From the movie, Hannibal this atmospheric piece was written by Patrick Cassidy and included in the Hans Zimmer soundtrack. The words are from Dante's "La Vita Nuova". Gives me chills just to listen to this.
Tags: Hannibal  Patrick  Cassidy  Hans  Zimmer  Soundtrack 
Added: 9th February 2008
Views: 1063
Posted By: donmac101
Flashback Friday 6-26-09 Flashback Friday is a weekly newsletter sent to the members of YouRememberThat.com This is pretty much all we send you when you join, we never spam. If you did not receive your Flashback Friday check your spam folder. If it's not there just click on my name and send me a private message. Listings are in my comment below:
Tags: Flashback        Friday        5-29-09        Audio        Video        Photos        1930s        1940s        1950s        1960s        1970s        1980s        1990s        2000s        30s        40s        50s        60s        70s        80s         
Added: 26th June 2009
Views: 1197
Posted By: Steve
Your Cheatin Heart Hank Williams Jr. 1963
Tags: Short  but  good  Yup! 
Added: 12th February 2008
Views: 1072
Posted By: Marty6697
Stand By Your Man Tags: Tammy  Wynette  Stand  By  Your  Man 
Added: 14th February 2008
Views: 1033
Posted By: donmac101

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