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Identify This Pitcher This fellow doesn't look like a Hall of Fame pitcher--but he is. He got a very late start in his career but he was thoroughly dominant for the Brooklyn Dodgers when the Dodgers weren't especially good. Can you name him?
Tags: baseball  who  is  he  pitcher 
Added: 15th January 2009
Views: 1017
Posted By: Lava1964
Jack Benny Texaco Commercial This Texaco commercial features both Jack Benny and Dennis Day. It aired during one of Jack's specials.
Tags: Texaco  commercial  Jack  Benny 
Added: 24th February 2009
Views: 1230
Posted By: Lava1964
Archie Bunker Alone Archie Bunker's Place was a reasonably successful continuation of All In The Family. Jean Stapleton, who played Archie's wife (Edith), appeared in six episodes before deciding to leave the show. The show's writers dealt with her departure by making Archie a widower. This is the conclusion of a special one-hour episode from December 1980 in which Archie had to deal with Edith's death. Warning: It's a tear-jerker.
Tags: Archie  Bunkers  Place  Edith  death 
Added: 22nd February 2009
Views: 3275
Posted By: Lava1964
Lucy Show - Jack Bennys Bank Vault From a 1967 episode of The Lucy Show, Lucy tries to convince Jack Benny to transfer his money into her employer's bank by showing him the vault's special security features.
Tags: Lucy  Show  Lucille  Ball  Jack  Benny 
Added: 25th February 2009
Views: 1465
Posted By: Lava1964
Profumo Scandal 1963 The British love a good sex scandal or a good political scandal, so the combination of the two was irresistible in 1963. That year it was revealed that John Profumo, the British Secretary of State for War, who was married, had, in 1961, been having an affair with a much younger showgirl named Christine Keeler (pictured here). What made this especially troublesome for Profumo was that Keeler had also been liberally sharing her renowned horizontal pleasures with Yevgeny Ivanov, a naval attache to the Soviet Union's London embassy. During the height of the Cold War, the potential for dangerous pillow talk was a bigtime security breach. When the affair leaked out, Profumo at first denied the charges in parliament. Three months later he admitted they were true and was forced to resign. His prime minister, Harold MacMillan, himself resigned due to poor health a month later. It was undoubtedly exacerbated by the priapic shenanigans of Profumo. Keeler didn't come out of the scandal unscathed: She served nine months in the sneezer for perjury. The British government's report on the scandal became a national best-seller.
Tags: John  Profumo  Christine  Keeler  scandal 
Added: 22nd January 2009
Views: 1672
Posted By: Lava1964
Andy Kaufman Comedy Routine 1978 Andy Kaufman does a variation of his 'foreign man' routine in this 1978 TV special hosted by Alan King. (That poor woman from the audience has no idea what to make of him.)
Tags: Andy  Kaufman    comedy 
Added: 28th January 2009
Views: 4716
Posted By: Lava1964
Toronto Scrabble In The City 2007 Allow me to indulge in a specialty clip produced by a Toronto news channel in 2007. A few of my Scrabble friends/rivals appear in this clip: Roger Cullman, Jim Nanavati, and Tim Anglin. The clip focuses on an informal weekly get-together for Scrabble junkies that Roger runs at a local bar. (For the record, Roger has never beaten me in his life. I've beaten Tim more often than not. Jim I've only beaten occasionally.)
Tags: Scrabble  in  the  City  Toronto 
Added: 28th January 2009
Views: 1194
Posted By: Lava1964
Valentine Surprise Stranger Tags: valentine    special    funny    surprise    stranger    love    romance    romantic     
Added: 13th February 2009
Views: 1070
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
Under The Boardwalk The Return of Bruno (live)HBO Special Concert - With The Temptations
Tags: Return  of  Bruno  HBO  The  Temptations 
Added: 16th February 2009
Views: 1318
Posted By: mia_bambina
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes The singer of this song has a special distinction in the world of rock & roll. His name is Tony Burrows, and he may be one of the most famous / anonymous characters in music history. He was a session singer in England, and in 1970, he had the distinction of singing lead on 4 hit songs in a few month span. “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” by Edison Lighthouse, “My Baby Loves Lovin’” by White Plains, “United We Stand” by Brotherhood Of Man, and “Gimme Dat Ding” by The Pipkins. Music videos were produced for White Plains and Edison Lighthouse, but the studios did the Milli Vanilli move by having actors lip sync the parts. This video shows Tony singing live, and as anybody who has seen the color videos for both songs on youtube can attest, those singers look nothing like Mr. Burrows. He also had the opportunity to perform 3 different songs by 3 different groups on January 29th of 1970 on BBC’s “Top Of The Pops. On a final note, his last Top 40 contribution came in 1974 when he fronted the band First Class, which gave us the song “Beach Baby” He still performs today, but not too many people would know who Tony Burrows is if he came to their town. That is, until he started singing.
Tags: edison  lighthouse 
Added: 17th February 2009
Views: 3503
Posted By: nbmike

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