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From The Files Of The FBI- Rowan and Martin Who said the FBI couldn't take a joke? The couldn't and launched a 21 page investigation into Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in 1971.
Tags: FBI  Rowan  and  Martin  Laugh  In  1970s  1971  70s 
Added: 22nd September 2012
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Posted By: Cliffy
1989 Cellphone Commercial I had one of these!
Tags: 1989  Cellphone  Commercial  Radio  Shack  smartphone   
Added: 23rd September 2012
Views: 2782
Posted By: Old Fart
Every Which Way But Loose I guess everyone forgot this one!
Tags: Every  Which  Way  But  Loose  Clint  Eastwood  Sondra  Locke  Geoffrey  Lewis  Ruth  Gordon  John  Quade  Philo  Beddoe     
Added: 25th September 2012
Views: 852
Posted By: Cathy
Barry Manilow- Somewhere Down The Road Oh the memories.....
Tags: Barry  Manilow  Somewhere  Down  The  Road  70s  1970s  Love  songs  Cathy 
Added: 25th September 2012
Views: 918
Posted By: Steve
Steve Miller Band Belt Buckle The artwork even became fashion wear!
Tags: Steve  Miller  Band  Belt  Buckle  1977  artwork  pegusus  fashion 
Added: 25th September 2012
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Posted By: Steve
Dinner with Charles Nelson Reilly I just found this to be very humorous and had to share. This was recorded in 2000 and sadly he passed in 2007 of pneumonia.
Tags: Charles  Nelson  Reilly  comedy  funnyman  2000  pneumonia 
Added: 28th September 2012
Views: 625
Posted By: BigBoy Bob
The Twighlight Zone Intro The Twighlight Zone Intro
Tags: The  Twighlight  Zone  Intro  Rod  Serling 
Added: 30th September 2012
Views: 747
Posted By: dusman
Boarding School Girls At Coney Island 1905 Hold on to your knickers, they get in their bathing suits!
Tags: Boarding  School  Girls  At  Coney  Island  1900  1905  05   
Added: 2nd October 2012
Views: 1389
Posted By: Steve
Skyline New York 1955 A really neat tour of New York City in 1955 sponsored by TWA.
Tags: Skyline  New  York  1955  TWA  tour  of  New  York  City 
Added: 2nd October 2012
Views: 1544
Posted By: Steve
Jesse James Exhumation - 1995 Notorious outlaw Jesse James was shot to death at close range by Bob Ford, a fellow gang member, on April 3, 1882. Ford had hoped to collect a sizable reward by offing James. Instead, Ford got himself a first-degree murder conviction--for which he was swiftly pardoned--and a place in western folklore. Rumors began almost immediately that James' death had been faked and he was living quietly away from the limelight. In 1995--some 113 years after a bullet entered his skull, James' body was exhumed from its supposed final resting place in Kearney, MO so DNA samples could be matched against those of his living descendants. The tests scientifically proved that the man buried in James' grave was, in fact, Jesse James. Locals cashed in on the exhumation frenzy by selling t-shirts to curiosity seekers that said, "We dig Jesse!"
Tags: Jesse  James  exhumation 
Added: 3rd October 2012
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Posted By: Lava1964

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