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The Pigman Needs A Ride . .be realistic, George!!
Tags: comedy        Seinfeld        George  Costanza        Jason  Alexander        Kramer        Michael  Richards        pigman 
Added: 14th December 2007
Views: 1293
Posted By: Teresa
Fusilli Jerry Kramer makes a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta..
Tags: Seinfeld        Jerry      Cosmo      Kramer      Michael      Richards      George      Louis      Costanza      Jason      Alexander      Fusilli      Pasta      Art     
Added: 16th December 2007
Views: 1484
Posted By: Teresa
Kramer Home Alone at Jerrys what a big kid!!
Tags: comedy      Seinfeld      Kramer      Michael  Richards 
Added: 1st January 2008
Views: 1565
Posted By: Teresa
Kramer Reaction i could have been a millionaire . . i could have been a fragrance millionaire Jerry!!
Tags: comedy        Seinfeld        Jerry  Seinfeld        Kramer        Michael  Richards 
Added: 13th January 2008
Views: 1262
Posted By: Teresa
My Name Is Bob one for u Marty!
Tags:   Seinfeld    Jerry    Cosmo    Kramer    George    Costanza    Bob    Sacamano    Hernia    Operation    Heart    Attack    Hospital     
Added: 19th June 2008
Views: 1022
Posted By: Teresa
The Pinky Toe "they kept ringing the bell!"
Tags: Seinfeld      Kramer      heckler      pinky      toe 
Added: 1st July 2008
Views: 1307
Posted By: Teresa
America Comes Of Age  The Scopes Trial America Comes Of Age July 10, 1925 - The Scope's Trial It was the early 1920s, social patterns were in chaos. Traditionalists worried that everything valuable was ending. Younger modernists sought society's approve of their behavior. Intellectual experimentation flourished. In a response to this new social patterns set in motion by modernism, a wave of revivalism developed, becoming especially strong in the American South. Photos Smithsonian Archives http://www.siarchives.si.edu/research... Famous Trials in American History Tennessee vs. John Scopes Douglas O. Linder http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/proje... newsreel footage curiosity truTV (formerly Court TV) http://www.trutv.com/newname.html Inherit the Wind (1960) Produced by: United Artists Directed by: Stanley Kramer Music fanefare for the common man Aaron Copeland you can't make a monkey out of me monkey business archives, Bryan College, Dayton, Tenn. http://www.bryan.edu/ the scopes trial Vernon Dalhart conceived and produced by Dale Caruso
Tags: Scopes    Monkey    Trial    Evolution    1925    Clarence    Darrow    William    Jennings    Bryan     
Added: 25th September 2008
Views: 1517
Posted By: dalecaruso
100 Seinfeld Quotes One of the best show eva!
Tags: Seinfeld    George    Kramer    Jerry    Elaine    montage    sienfeld    catchphrases    moments    bubble    talker    dingo    yada    festivus    shrinkage     
Added: 20th April 2009
Views: 1681
Posted By: Laura
Piggy Wiggy Flu the 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak This is intended only to shed light on the hysteria that the Swine Flu has brought about world wide. We went through this spoof back in 1976 and recently with the bird flu epidemic just a few years ago...remember?
Tags: Swine  Flu  Barack  Hussien  Obama  Porky  Pig  Pigs  Pink  Floyd  Kramer  Pigman  CDC  Mexico  Outbreak  Borders  Google  Maps  Michael  Jackson  Surgical  Masks  Dorah  Arnold  The  Pig  Gerald  Ford  Three  Pigs  Thermaflu  White  House  Pigs  In  Space  Miss  Piggy  Dirty  Jobs  Charolette 
Added: 30th April 2009
Views: 1592
Posted By: Cliffy
CKLW Boss Radio Format Tags: CKLW  Boss  Radio  Format  Windsor    Detroit    Documentary    Judy  Holm    Michael  McNamara    Rosalie    Bob  Seger    Steppenwolf    The  Who    Alice  Cooper    Kiss    The  Guess  Who    Tony  Orlando    Elton  John    Wayne  Kramer    Marvin  Gaye     
Added: 7th May 2009
Views: 1722
Posted By: pfc

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