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Air Wick Commerical They must have played this a lot because its like yesterday this was on!
Tags: Air  Wick  Commerical  Classic  TV  Carpet  Fresh   
Added: 20th August 2012
Views: 1366
Posted By: Cathy
2000 MDA Telethon - Phyllis Diller Two classics, Phyllis Diller and Jerry Lewis with the MDA telethon. MAKE A MUSCLE BY DONATING TO THE MDA... CALL NOW AT 1-800-FIGHT- MD OR GO ONLINE TO MDA .ORG... HELP JERRY'S KIDS TODAY
Tags: 2000  MDA  Telethon  -  Phyllis  Diller 
Added: 3rd September 2012
Views: 1044
Posted By: Old Fart
First Moon Landing 1969 Apollo 11 Classic video of the first Moon landing in 1969 by Apollo 11
Tags: First  Moon  Landing  1969  Apollo  11 
Added: 16th September 2012
Views: 1882
Posted By: dusman
Purina Cat Chow- Chow Chow Chow Classic! Purina Cat Chow- Chow Chow Chow
Tags: Purina  Cat  Chow-  Chow  Chow  Chow  70s  1970  commerical  cat  food  commerical  funny  commercial 
Added: 4th October 2012
Views: 1698
Posted By: Cathy
Hitchcock Always a classic look from Hitch!
Tags: Alfred  Hitchcock,  skull  photo  movie  classic 
Added: 21st October 2012
Views: 898
Posted By: pfc
Freaks Movie Trailer - 1932 This is a contemporary trailer created for the cult classic film Freaks long after its original 1932 release. This Tod Browning film is set in a circus sideshow and centers around the camaraderie of the "freaks"--and uses real carnival sideshow performers. The plot has two able-bodied members of the circus plotting to poison a midget to gain his inheritance. Originally planned for 94 minutes, it was cut to about an hour after very bad test screening results. (One woman claimed to have suffered a miscarriage from viewing the film.) It was a box office disaster in 1932--losing about $150,000. In the United Kingdom, Freaks was considered so shocking that it was banned for 30 years. The film was rediscovered by horror buffs in the 1960s. Shown at special midnight screenings, it developed an appreciative audience and has become a celebrated film.
Tags: Freaks  movie  circus 
Added: 30th October 2012
Views: 1600
Posted By: Lava1964
Laurel and Hardy - The Music Box (1932) This is the full (27-minute) version of Laurel and Hardy's classic 1932 comedy The Music Box in beautiful black and white (as it should be!). The premise is simple: L&H are hired to deliver a piano to an address which requires them to haul it up a monumental flight of stairs. This film won an Academy Award for best short subject. It was filmed on location in a residential area of Los Angeles. The staircase still exists today, although it's dificult to find because the grassy hill now has buldings on it. There's a plaque at the site to tell fans that it actually is the real flight of stairs from the film. Unfortunately, any L&H fans who want to visit the site must risk their lives to do so. According to one report, the neighborhood is now apparently overrun by crime and street gangs.
Tags: Muisc  Box  Laurel  and  Hardy  comedy  Oscar 
Added: 6th November 2012
Views: 1726
Posted By: Lava1964
Bob Baun - Broken Leg Goal A sports classic: It's April 23, 1964; Game #6 of the 1964 Stanley Cup finals. The Detroit Red Wings lead the Toronto Maple Leafs three games to two and are looking to clinch the Cup at the Detroit Olympia. During the third period, Toronto defenceman Bobby Baun crumples to the ice and has to be taken to the Leafs' dressing room on a stretcher. He's done for the night, right? Nope! Believing he only has a pinched nerve in his leg, Baun returns in time for the overtime period--and scores the winning goal! A post-game medical examination reveals that Baun had broken his leg. (Two nights later, Baun plays in the deciding seventh game too and leads Toronto to a 4-0 win and the Stanley Cup.)
Tags: Bob  Baun  broken  leg  Stanley  Cup  hockey  NHL 
Added: 8th June 2013
Views: 1134
Posted By: Lava1964
Auto Morgue Tags: Auto  Morgue  car  crusher  1961  1960s  60s  classic  cars  autombovbiles 
Added: 26th January 2013
Views: 1394
Posted By: Old Fart
Screen Test  8 (Answered) Should be answered quite quickly, I suppose. Very popular classic film. As expected answered quickly by Eric!
Tags: trivia  screen  test 
Added: 7th February 2013
Views: 1284
Posted By: Braxton

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