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special WKRP in Cincinatti message 1981 likely omitted from subsequent broadcasts this was a brief shout-out from the cast and crew of "WKRP in Cincinatti" to the US hostages held in Iran upon their January 1981 return home
Tags: WKRP  in  Cincinatti  special  message  Iran  hostage  crisis  1980s  1981  Loni  Anderson   
Added: 1st June 2009
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Posted By: robatsea
Liar Liar -Castaways Can you find Wally from Leave it to Beaver in this clip?
Tags: Liar  Liar  -Castaways  60s  1960s  music  pop 
Added: 5th June 2009
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Posted By: Old Fart
First Whats My Line Episode - Phil Rizzuto Mystery Guest From the first-ever telecast of What's My Line (February 2, 1950), New York Yankees' shortstop Phil Rizzuto is the mystery guest. Notice how different the set is for this bit of TV history.
Tags: Phil  Rizzuto  Whats  My  Line 
Added: 6th June 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
ALL IN THE FAMILY 1969 Unaired Pilot part 1 of 3 From 1969, here is part 1 of 3 of the famous unaired pilot of ALL IN THE FAMILY, with a slightly different cast! I taped this in 1998. when it was shown by TV Land.
Tags: all  in  the  family  unaired  pilot  1969  Ray  Glasser 
Added: 7th July 2009
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Posted By: videoholic
ALL IN THE FAMILY 1969 Unaired Pilot part 3 of 3 From 1969, here is part 3 of 3 of the famous unaired pilot of ALL IN THE FAMILY, with a slightly different cast! I taped this in 1998 when it aired on TV LAND.
Tags: all  in  the  family  unaired  pilot  1968  Ray  Glasser 
Added: 8th July 2009
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Posted By: videoholic
Veteran Newsman Walter Cronkite Reported Gravely Ill There are reports that veteran newsman Walter Cronkite is gravely ill. The 92-year-old former anchor of "The CBS Evening News," who has been ailing for some time, has reportedly taken a turn for the worse, according to TVNewser and other online sites. CBS News spokesman Kevin Tedesco had no comment on Friday. Bob Schieffer said, "All of us are praying for the best, and our thoughts are with Walter's family." The host of CBS'"Face the Nation" and a longtime Cronkite colleague, Schieffer noted that he had no current news on Cronkite's condition. The face of CBS News for more than two decades, Cronkite was named "the most trusted man in America" in a 1972 "trust index" survey, and he ended each broadcast with the reassuring signoff, "And that's the way it is." He left the "Evening News" anchor desk in 1981, but after that kept a busy schedule both in journalistic and other activities. For 24 years, he served as onsite host for New Year's Day telecasts by the Vienna Philharmonic until ill health forced him to bow out earlier this year.
Tags: walter  cronkite  cbs  evening  news  newsmen 
Added: 19th June 2009
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Posted By: Naomi
Original Ending to the last MARY TYLER MOORE show in 1977 From 1977, here is the ORIGINAL ending to the last "Mary Tyler Moore' show, where Mary, slightly choked up, introduces the cast members to the studio audience. This was shown only ONCE and I'm so glad I got it! Following this, is the syndicated ending of the show as it's now shown on reruns.
Tags: Mary  Tyler  Moore  ending  1977  Ray  Glasser 
Added: 11th July 2009
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Posted By: videoholic
First News Report of AIDS 1982 Here's one for the archives: Ths clip is from the NBC Nightly News broadcast of June 17, 1982. It reports a significant link of a 'rare type of cancer' to the lifestyles of homosexual men.
Tags: AIDS  news  report  1982 
Added: 11th July 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Howard Cosell with David Letterman This is the second segment of legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell's 1985 appearance on David Letterman's show. By that time ABC had put Cosell out to pasture. Cosell was on the show to promote his no-holds-barred memoir 'I Never Played The Game.'
Tags: Howard  Cosell  David  Letterman 
Added: 12th July 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Howard Cosell Loses His Toupee In one of sports broadcasting's nearly forgotten comical moments, ABC's Howard Cosell had his toupee knocked from his head in a post-boxing match melee. In happened on February 13, 1977 in Annapolis, MD. The scuffle occurred after a horrendous decision went against Scott LeDoux in a heavyweight bout versus Johnny Boudreaux at the infamously corrupt United States Boxing Championship tournament. Watch Cosell lose his headset--and his rug--at about 1:22 of this video clip.
Tags: Howard  Cosell  toupee  boxing 
Added: 13th July 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964

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