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Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes The singer of this song has a special distinction in the world of rock & roll. His name is Tony Burrows, and he may be one of the most famous / anonymous characters in music history. He was a session singer in England, and in 1970, he had the distinction of singing lead on 4 hit songs in a few month span. “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” by Edison Lighthouse, “My Baby Loves Lovin’” by White Plains, “United We Stand” by Brotherhood Of Man, and “Gimme Dat Ding” by The Pipkins. Music videos were produced for White Plains and Edison Lighthouse, but the studios did the Milli Vanilli move by having actors lip sync the parts. This video shows Tony singing live, and as anybody who has seen the color videos for both songs on youtube can attest, those singers look nothing like Mr. Burrows. He also had the opportunity to perform 3 different songs by 3 different groups on January 29th of 1970 on BBC’s “Top Of The Pops. On a final note, his last Top 40 contribution came in 1974 when he fronted the band First Class, which gave us the song “Beach Baby” He still performs today, but not too many people would know who Tony Burrows is if he came to their town. That is, until he started singing.
Tags: edison  lighthouse 
Added: 17th February 2009
Views: 3309
Posted By: nbmike
Piggy Wiggy Flu the 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak This is intended only to shed light on the hysteria that the Swine Flu has brought about world wide. We went through this spoof back in 1976 and recently with the bird flu epidemic just a few years ago...remember?
Tags: Swine  Flu  Barack  Hussien  Obama  Porky  Pig  Pigs  Pink  Floyd  Kramer  Pigman  CDC  Mexico  Outbreak  Borders  Google  Maps  Michael  Jackson  Surgical  Masks  Dorah  Arnold  The  Pig  Gerald  Ford  Three  Pigs  Thermaflu  White  House  Pigs  In  Space  Miss  Piggy  Dirty  Jobs  Charolette 
Added: 30th April 2009
Views: 1365
Posted By: Cliffy
My First Car  What Memories When I graduated high school I got two things, my driver's license, and this car, a 1963 Dodge Dart GT. My dad reluctantly helped me buy it by giving me the down payment, he said it was too sporty and I would wind up hot rodding around town. Me?? I put a white racing stripe down the center of the hood and the trunk, all the rage back then. My best friend and I had a ball! When I started dating Larry, he took it off, and my dad was so happy. Damn men...
Tags: my  first  car  memories  1963  dodge  dart  gt 
Added: 9th May 2009
Views: 1071
Posted By: Naomi
Ferlin Husky On The Wings of a Snow White Dove
Tags: Ferlin  Husky  Wings  of  a  Dove 
Added: 10th June 2009
Views: 1358
Posted By: Carl1957
OJ White Bronco Chase 1994 Fifteen years ago today (June 17, 1994) the world watched the strange slow-speed pursuit of O.J. Simpson's white Bronco. Not that this was a sign of guilt...
Tags: O.J.  Simpson  murder  case  chase 
Added: 17th June 2009
Views: 2465
Posted By: Lava1964
RIP Michael Jackson 1984 This is another picture of Michael Jackson at the White House in 1984. RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Tags: 1984  1980s  michael  jackson  reagans  ronald  nancy  white  house  1958-2009  rip 
Added: 8th July 2009
Views: 781
Posted By: MiscVideos78rpm
Bounty Paper Towels Commercial 1967 This is a very sexist commercial for Bounty Paper Towels from 1967. Thanks for watching!
Tags: bounty  paper  towels  sexist  commercial  ad  1960s  1967  old  vintage  rare  black  and  white 
Added: 8th July 2009
Views: 1590
Posted By: MiscVideos78rpm
RIP Michael Jackson 1984 This is a picture of Michael Jackson at the White House in 1984. RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Tags: michael  jackson  white  house  rip  reagan  1980s  1984  nancy  ronald  1958-2009 
Added: 8th July 2009
Views: 2582
Posted By: MiscVideos78rpm
Whitesnake - Is This Love Tags: Whitesnake  -  Is  This  Love  80s  1980s  Music  Video 
Added: 9th July 2009
Views: 1145
Posted By: pfc
George Harrison 1974 This is a picture of George Harrison from 1974. Thanks for viewing!
Tags: george  harrison  1974  picture  pd  public  domain  black  and  white 
Added: 8th July 2009
Views: 766
Posted By: MiscVideos78rpm

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