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Chapel of Love Here is a rare clip of Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups. I love the dancers in the background.
Tags: Dixid  Cups  Chapel  of  Love 
Added: 15th January 2009
Views: 1440
Posted By: Carl1957
Johnny Cash Makes Fun of Elvis Tags: Johnny  Cash  Makes  Fun  of  Elvis  Presley  1950s  50s  rare  tv 
Added: 7th September 2010
Views: 4510
Posted By: Old Fart
Curious Death of President Harding 1923 On the evening of August 2, 1923, Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the United States, died suddenly in a room at the Palace Hotel in San Francsico. He was 57 years old. Harding was in the midst of a west coast trip, but he had taken ill as his train rolled through Seattle. Almost immediately, the rumors surrounding his passing began. There was no official cause of Harding's death. Some sources claim it was a fatal case of food poisoning; others claim it was a heart attack or a stroke. Despite his wife and his nurses being frequently in and out of the room, the time of Harding's death could not be pinned down any more specifically than between 7 and 7:30 p.m. Florence Harding had her husband's body embalmed and ready for a funeral train back to Washington within an hour of the president's death, thus no autopsy could be performed. (California had no mandatory autopsy laws at the time.) Although Harding was a perfect candidate for poor health--he was a heavy smoker and drinker, plagued by stress, who rarely exercised--there are those who think Mrs. Harding had something to do with her husband's demise. According to the conspiracy theorists, Mrs. Harding either wanted to spare Warrren G. the shame of the scandals about his administration that were soon to surface--or she took revenge over her hubby's numerous extra-marital trysts. Those who don't think anything was amiss point to Harding's declining health at the hands of a quack homeopathic physician and Harding's generally poor living habits. Maybe Harding himself sensed the end was near: Before leaving for the west coast, Harding had written a new will. He had also curiously sold the Marion (OH) Star, his hometown newspaper, which he had bought with the intent of running it after he retired from politics.
Tags: Warren  Harding  death  scandal 
Added: 25th January 2009
Views: 1610
Posted By: Lava1964
God Save The King This rare color footage would have been played at the conclusion of movie presentations in British theatres in the late 1930s. (That's King George VI, in case you didn't know.)
Tags: God  Save  The  King  movie  theatre 
Added: 1st April 2009
Views: 1206
Posted By: Lava1964
The Jackson 5 Rockin Robin 1972 RARE Rare Performance On The Top of Pops in November of 1972. THE JACKSON 5 singing Rockin' Robin on stage. Classic J5
Tags: Jackson  5  Rockin  Robin  1972  top  pops  RARE 
Added: 14th February 2009
Views: 1447
Posted By: mia_bambina
Valentines Day With Tony Franciosa A sampler from the very rare Tony Franciosa series - Valentine's Day.(34 episodes, 1964-1965) Tony Franciosa PLAYED Valentine Farrow
Tags: Franciosa  series  Valentines  Day  Farrow   
Added: 18th February 2009
Views: 2302
Posted By: mia_bambina
Patrick Swayze Says His Goodbyes Actor Patrick Swayze has reportedly started saying goodbye to family and friends after learning his cancer has spread to his liver. The Dirty Dancing and Ghost star, who in January was told he had pancreatic cancer, has started preparing himself for death, reports say "Patrick recently got word that the cancer had spread to his liver and that is what his doctors said would begin the countdown to the end," a source told National Enquirer magazine. "Patrick knew it was coming because he was suffering increased weakness. "At times, he was so weak that he could barely walk without feeling faint. Sometimes he feels out of breath and has to sit down." Swayze, 56, told Lisa, his wife of 33 years, and his brother Donny that he doesn't have long to live. "Lisa phoned Donny in Los Angeles and told him he need to come to Chicago, where Patrick has been filming TV show The Beast. She was crying and scared Donny to death," the source told National Enquirer. "Donny got the impression his brother was already on his deathbed because Lisa was saying Patrick wanted to say goodbye. She couldn't stop crying." Swayze has been undergoing pioneering Cyberknife radiotherapy at California's Stanford University Medical Centre, and had been making a steady recovery from the illness. He has finished filming The Beast in Chicago, where he has been putting in 12-hour days. He went to a party earlier this week to celebrate with Lisa and Donny. He stayed for one-and-a-quarter hours sitting on a couch the entire time, happily talking to people. Swayze's wife "mingled a little more than Patrick did, leaving the couch to grab a drink or talk to people, but mostly she remained at his side" a source told the US magazine. "Patrick let the party-goers come to him, never circulating around the room and rarely even standing up, but when others did come to him, he chatted at length with many of them." In October, his production team reported Swayze had missed only a day and a half of work. "I'm still fine to work, I haven't changed - oh, I have changed, what am I saying? It's a battle zone I go through. Chemo, no matter how you cut it, is hell on wheels," he told The New York Times.
Tags: patrick  swayze  says  his  goodbyes 
Added: 6th April 2009
Views: 1587
Posted By: Naomi
Carroll OConnor Singing the Ending Theme song of ALL IN THE FAMILY Talk about RARE stuff!!!! From 1972, here is an appearance on the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour by Carroll O'Connor, tux and all, singing the ending theme song of "All in the Family"...now we know what the words are!! What always got me is how Roger Kellaway played the song EXACTLY the way it was played on "All in the Family!"
Tags: Carroll    O  Carroll  OConnor  Singing  the  Ending  Theme  song  of  ALL  IN  THE  FAMILY 
Added: 6th July 2009
Views: 2467
Posted By: videoholic
Albolene Cream Commercial This is a commercial for Albolene (The Warm Cream). Hope you enjoy it!
Tags: Albolene  Commercial  The  Warm  Cream  1960s  Old  Vintage  Rare  Model  Comparison  PD  Public  Domain  MiscVideos78rpm 
Added: 8th July 2009
Views: 2198
Posted By: MiscVideos78rpm
Holmes and Yo-Yo Opening Talk about rare and hard to find! One of the shortest-lived shows that, in the great annals of television history, will never be remembered except by us at YRT!!
Tags: Holmes    Yo-Yo    Opening    Television    Show    John    Schuck     
Added: 30th May 2009
Views: 1596
Posted By: Old Fart

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