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The Lucy Show  color opening and closing credits 1968 to be exact.
Tags: love    lucy    lucille    ball    gale    gordon    1968     
Added: 11th June 2008
Views: 1208
Posted By: pfc
I Hear You Knockin Gale Storm cover song from Smiley Lewis 1955
Tags: Classic  Song 
Added: 17th June 2008
Views: 1433
Posted By: Marty6697
Legal ID for WTCN TV Minneapolis St. Paul Nothing screams 1970s like this legal ID for WTCN-TV, Channel 11 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Channel 11 is still around, but they changed their call letters to WUSA in 1985 and then to KARE in 1986. This ID ran from about 1971 to 1978.
Tags: WTCN  Minneapolis  St.  Paul  Channel  11 
Added: 18th June 2008
Views: 1553
Posted By: BadWX
All The Young Dudes written by David Bowie "Well Billy rapped all night about his suicide How he'd kick it in the head when he was 25. Speed jive. Don't wanna stay alive when you're 25. And Wendy's stealing clothes from Marks & Sparks And Freddie's got spots from ripping off the stars from his face. Funky little boat race. The television man is crazy Saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks. I need T.V. when I got T-Rex. Oh brother, you guessed, I'm a dude now. CHORUS: All the young dudes (hey dudes) Carry the news (where are ya) Boogaloo dudes (stand up come on) Carry the news All the young dudes (I want to hear you) Carry the news (I want to see you) Boogaloo dudes (and I want to talk to you all of you) Carry the news Now Lucy looks sweet cause he dresses like a queen But he can kick like a mule; it's a real mean team. But, we can love. Yes, we can love. And my brother's back home with his Beatles and his Stones. We never got off with that revolution stuff. What a drag. Too many snags. Well, I drunk a lot of wine and I'm feeling fine. Gonna race some cat to bed. Oh man, is this concrete all around Or is it all in my head. Brother, I'm a dude now. All the young dudes (hey dudes) Carry the news (where are ya) Boogaloo dudes (stand up) Carry the news All the young dudes (I want to hear ya) Carry the news (I want to see you) Boogaloo dudes (and I want to relate to you) Carry the news All the young dudes (what dudes) Carry the news (lets hear the news come on) Boogaloo dudes (I want to kick you) Carry the news All the young dudes (hey you there with the glasses) Carry the news (I want you) Boogaloo dudes (I want you at the front) Carry the news (now you all his friends) All the young dudes (now you bring him down cause I want him) Carry the news Boogaloo dudes (I want him right here bring him come on) Carry the news (bring him here you go) All the young dudes (Ive wanted to do this for years) Carry the news (there you go) Boogaloo dudes (how do you feel) Carry the news " . . .
Tags: rock    glam    David    Bowie    70 
Added: 19th June 2008
Views: 1648
Posted By: Teresa
Coogan Law After co-starring in Charlie Chaplin's film The Kid (1921), Jackie Coogan was one of America's first major child stars. Unfortunately, because there was no precedent for a child actor earning thousands of dollars, there were no laws to protect Coogan's financial interests. At the time, minors had absolutely no legal claims to their earnings--every penny belonged to one's parents. Coogan found this out the hard way, when, at age 21 in 1935, he discovered his earnings were almost all gone. Coogan was then put in the awkward position of having to sue his mother and his former agent to recover a small portion of wht he had earned. In response, Congress passed the Coogan Law to protect future child actors' earnings. Unfortunately, the original law contained too many loopholes, renedering it virtually ineffective. Revised versions over the years have been far more effective in protecting the earnings of minors.
Tags: Jackie  Coogan  law 
Added: 6th August 2008
Views: 1215
Posted By: Lava1964
Its So Nice To Be With You Performed by GALLERY Gallery rock band of the 1970s. It was formed in Detroit, Michigan by Jim Gold. They are most famous for this 1972 hit single, "(It's So) Nice to Be with You," written by Jim Gold (owned)
Tags: Nice  to  Be  with  You  Jim  Gold  Gallery 
Added: 11th March 2009
Views: 1396
Posted By: mia_bambina
Gale Sayers Scores Six Touchdowns December 12, 1965 was a pretty good day for rookie Chicago Bears runningback Gale Sayers. He scored six touchdowns!
Tags: Gayle  Sayers  football  touchdowns 
Added: 21st August 2008
Views: 4599
Posted By: Lava1964
Battlestar Galactica Original Series Intro Another sci-fi must for me to watch when it was on. I also love the new series as it is more gritty than the original and the special effects are great. Pity though that even this one will have to reach a conclusion.
Tags: Battlestar  Galactica  Original  Series 
Added: 24th August 2008
Views: 1136
Posted By: donmac101
Eleven Cents A Gallon plus 4 cents tax . . NY (1936). . .
Tags: vintage        photo      Texaco 
Added: 26th August 2008
Views: 1345
Posted By: Teresa
Sophie Tucker on Whats My Line Legendary entertainer Sophie Tucker was the mystery challenger on What's My Line on December 15, 1957. (Listen for Dorothy Kilgallen's unintentionally funny question. It's a WML classic!)
Tags: Whats  My  Line  Sophie  Tucker 
Added: 23rd September 2008
Views: 1547
Posted By: Lava1964

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