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Johnny Carson Confronts Don Rickles about the Broken Cigarette Box   1976 From 1976, here is a classic "Tonight" Show bit, where Johnny Carson confronts Don Rickles, who had broken Johnny's cigarette box the night before!! I taped this in 1977, as part of the 15th Anniversary of the Tonight Show. This is where Carson discovers that Rickles broke his cigarette box the night before, and Carson walks right onto the set of "CPO Sharkey" while Rickles was doing the show live, and confronts him! When this clip was on YouTube it had over 500 comments, many negative, since Carson makes some "off-color" remarks (by today's PC standards) to Harrison Page, the African-American actor in C.P.O. Sharkey. Draw your own conclusions.
Tags: Johnny  Carson  Ray  Glasser  cigarette  box  1976 
Added: 5th July 2009
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Posted By: videoholic
On The Radio -  Donna Summer - Queen Of Disco On of my alltime favorite Donna Summer songs
Tags: Donna  Summer  Disco  On  The  Radio 
Added: 24th April 2009
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Posted By: TheSaint
Son of Joe Louis Discusses His Father Joe Louis Barrow, Jr.--son of longtime world heavyweight champion Joe Louis--discusses his famous father, and the restrictions put upon him, in this 2008 HBO interview.
Tags: Joe  Louis  boxing  son  interview 
Added: 9th May 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Gloria Swanson Recalls Scene With Lion The 1919 film 'Male and Female' required 20-year-old Gloria Swanson to descend into a pit with a live lion. Here she is in 1980, at age 81, discussing it for the documentary series 'Hollywood.'
Tags: Gloria  Swanson  Male  Female  lion  sene 
Added: 9th May 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Cant Stop the Music 1980 TV trailer 1 Directed by actress Nancy Walker and produced by Allan Carr, CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC was a thirty million dollar cinematic fiasco showcasing the popular disco band The Village People and also starring Valerie Perrine, Steve Guttenberg and Bruce Jenner. Disco was already past its prime when this was released. Critics massacred it and audiences stayed away.
Tags: village  people  disco  cant  stop  the  music  valerie  perrine  steve  guttenberg  bruce  jenner  musical  1980  1980s  bad  movie  camp 
Added: 21st May 2009
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Posted By: robatsea
Name the group No Googeling! A group you would never think of doing a disco album.
Tags: disco 
Added: 23rd May 2009
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Posted By: Cliffy
KC And The Sunshine Band - Queen Of Clubs 70's Disco funk, cool man!
Tags: KC  And  The  Sunshine  Band  Queen  Of  Clubs 
Added: 22nd May 2009
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Posted By: donmac101
Get on Down and Party Disco music was all about fun. Unlike the protest movement songs of the 60s all people wanted to do was party and have fun, nothing more.
Tags: Disco  Dancing  Van  McCoy  Get  On  Down  and  Party  Studio  54  Xanadu  Olivia  Newtown  John  John  Travolta  Saturday  Night  Fever  Rick  James  Disco  Duck  Rick  Dees  Borat  Hillary  Clinton  Barrack  Obama  Earth  Wind  and  Fire  Star  Wars  Skate  Town  Roller  Boogie  Linda  Blair  Drag  Queens  70s  1970s  Donna  Pescow  Disc  Jockey  DJ  Cher  Village  People   
Added: 23rd May 2009
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Posted By: Cliffy
Dovima Dovima or Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba was a supermodel during the 1950s. Born in New York City, Dovima was discovered by an editor at Vogue on the sidewalk of New York, and had a photo shoot with Irving Penn the following day. . . i love these fairy tale discoveries!
Tags: dovima 
Added: 26th May 2009
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Posted By: Teresa
Jackson 5 Home Video on Soul Train Tags: Jackson  5  Home  Video  on  Soul  Train  don    cornelius    soul    train    jackson    michael    joe    music    funk    disco    r&b    dance    tv     
Added: 25th June 2009
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Posted By: BigBoy Bob

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