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Ron Palillo-Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter Pases at 63 Ron Palillo, who played Horshack on the '70s sit-com Welcome Back, Kotter is dead at 63, according to TMZ. Palillo's character was known for the way he caught Mr. Kotter's attention in class with his, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Kotter!" on the show that ran from 1975 to 1979. Robert Hegyes, who played Juan Epstein on the show, died earlier this year on Jan. 26, 2012.
Added: 14th August 2012
Views: 1290
Posted By: Old Fart
Ring Pop of 1990s Sorry couldn't find a Decent copy of the original Commercial, this one came out in the later 90's.RING POP - The Topps Co. invented in 1977. Origin in Disco era, the age of bling. Even though this would go in the 1970s section.. The 90s had it going on with the Ring Pop..that is why its here also
Tags: Ring  Pop  of  1990s 
Added: 19th August 2012
Views: 949
Posted By: masonx31
Eric Burdon and War - Spill The Wine Eric Burdon was the former singer from The Animals.
Tags: Eric  Burdon  &  War  -  Spill  The  Wine    70s  Music 
Added: 22nd August 2012
Views: 1860
Posted By: Music Maiden
Howard Hessman Comedy Skit on Billy Jack Before there was Johnny Fever!
Tags: Howard  Hessman  Comedy  Skit  on  Billy  Jack  Johnny  Fever  70s  1970s  movies   
Added: 3rd September 2012
Views: 1638
Posted By: Freckles
From The Files Of The FBI- Rowan and Martin Who said the FBI couldn't take a joke? The couldn't and launched a 21 page investigation into Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In in 1971.
Tags: FBI  Rowan  and  Martin  Laugh  In  1970s  1971  70s 
Added: 22nd September 2012
Views: 1329
Posted By: Cliffy
Early Subway Commercial From the late 70s before they became a big chain.
Tags: Subway  Subs  Submarine  Sandwiches  food  commerical  70s  1970s 
Added: 23rd September 2012
Views: 1395
Posted By: Old Fart
Barry Manilow- Somewhere Down The Road Oh the memories.....
Tags: Barry  Manilow  Somewhere  Down  The  Road  70s  1970s  Love  songs  Cathy 
Added: 25th September 2012
Views: 1249
Posted By: Steve
 70 Dodge Challenger Commercial At first I thought this was a Sheriff Buford T. Justice wannabe but Smokey And The Bandit came out in 1977 and this commercial was 1970.
Tags:   70  Dodge  Challenger  Commercial  Smokey  And  The  Bandit  1970s  70s  country  justice   
Added: 2nd October 2012
Views: 2434
Posted By: pfc
Purina Cat Chow- Chow Chow Chow Classic! Purina Cat Chow- Chow Chow Chow
Tags: Purina  Cat  Chow-  Chow  Chow  Chow  70s  1970  commerical  cat  food  commerical  funny  commercial 
Added: 4th October 2012
Views: 1403
Posted By: Cathy
The New Treasure Hunt - 1974 Clip The New Treasure Hunt was a 1974-1977 syndicated remake of a 1956-1959 game show. The orginal show had a quiz segment. The 1970s version did not. Hosted by Geoff Edwards, it offered a fantastic grand prize of $25,000 to a contest who was lucky enough to choose the right box out of 30--and have the nerve to stick with it. Total Television describes the program as "slow moving and cruelly suspenseful." In this short clip from a 1974 episode, a contestant thinks she has made a bad bargain until Geoff surprises her.
Tags: New  Treasure  Hunt  Geoff  Edwards 
Added: 4th November 2012
Views: 1540
Posted By: Lava1964

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