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1963 Guns and Fashions Fashions from the May 1963 issue of Seventeen magazine features guns and death. These are Lee jeans to die for. Wild Sixties colors that zing and swing. Colors, the copy tells us, loaded with enough yippie to bring the sheriff out shooting. Lock up the horses? Huh? LOL We have not seen jeans like these since!
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Added: 25th August 2011
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Posted By: AngoraSox
1963 Shoe Makeup From the August 1963 Seventeen magazine. Create your own plaid shoes. Sixties teens were inventive!
Tags: 1963  teens  fashions  SeventeenMagazine  fashion  Sixties  shoes 
Added: 25th August 2011
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1963 Fashionable Ford Falcons Found in the August 1963 Seventeen magazine. Wow. I think these days are over. :-(
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Added: 1st September 2011
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Posted By: AngoraSox
Cliff Robertson passes today at age 88 Cliff Robertson, who starred as John F. Kennedy in a 1963 World War II drama and later won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a mentally disabled bakery janitor in the movie "Charly," died Saturday, one day after his 88th birthday. Robertson, who also played a real-life role as the whistle-blower in the check-forging scandal of then-Columbia Pictures President David Begelman that rocked Hollywood in the late 1970s, died at Stony Brook University Medical Center on Long Island, according to Evelyn Christel, his longtime personal secretary. His family said he died of natural causes.
Tags: Cliff  Robertson  passes  today  at  age  88          1960s          Warner          Bros          Cliff          Robertson          Jack          John          Kennedy          JFK          David          Buttolph          William          Lava          president          war          warfare          WW2          crew          boat          pacific          attack 
Added: 10th September 2011
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Posted By: Old Fart
1963 Valentine Dinner Ad Dinner is served! Found in the February 1963 Seventeen magazine. Happy Valentine's Day all!
Tags: Valentine  dinner  Libby  advertisement  1963  seventeen  magazine 
Added: 14th February 2012
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1963 Orange Juice Ad As seen in the February 1963 issue of Seventeen magazine. Popular model Colleen Corby drinking her fresh frozen orange juice from Florida at a teen party.
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Added: 1st March 2012
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Patsy Cline Plane Crash - 1963 Patsy Cline, one of the most influential female singers in country music history, was tragically killed in an airplane crash in Camden, TN on March 5, 1963. She was 30 years old. Her last performance had occurred two days earlier in Kansas City, KS at a benefit for the family of a popular radio deejay who had died in an automobile mishap in January. Cline's plane was headed towards Nashville, TN. After a stopover in Dyersburg, TN, the plane, a small Piper Comanche, took off for the final leg of the journey at 6:07 p.m. It vanished about 15 minutes later. Three other performers--Cowboy Copas, Hankshaw Hawkins, and Randy Hughes (the pilot)--also perished. The airplane encountered severe storm conditions which almost certainly contributed to the crash. It was later learned that Hughes was not trained for instrument flying and was likely trying to make an emergency landing on a nearby highway. Instead the plane crashed nose-first into a remote forested area. The wreckage was discovered by a Cline fan early the next morning who had searched for it after hearing radio reports that Cline's plane had likely gone down. The crash site has changed very little in the five decades since Cline's untimely death. According to friends, Cline sensed her impending doom, and made comments as early as September 1962 that she didn't expect to live much longer. Shortly before her death, Cline gave away treasured personal belongings and hastily wrote her will.
Tags: singer  Patsy  Cline  airplane  crash 
Added: 6th May 2012
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Posted By: Lava1964
1965 - Construction of the St. Louis Arch Over 40 years ago back in 1965, The Arch was built in 1963 it completed the St. Louis Arch in 1966 and that was how a landmark begin
Tags: St  Louis  Arch  1965  Jefferson  National  Expansion  Memorial 
Added: 28th May 2012
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Posted By: poundsdwayne47
The Fugitive Finale - 1967 The Fugitive was a highly successful adventure/drama series that aired from on ABC from 1963 to 1967 and starred David Janssen. Here was the premise: A doctor, Richard Kimble, is falsely convicted of his wife's murder and sentenced to death, but then he escapes custody in a train wreck while being transported to prison. With this unexpected turn of events, Kimble roams the country as a wanted man, searching for his wife's true killer. The series concluded with two-part finale that aired on August 22 and 29, 1967. At the time, the second part was the the most watched episode of an American TV drama in history. (It was later surpassed by Dallas' "Who Shot J.R.?" episode in 1980.) In the eagerly awaited climax, Kimble eventually tracks down his wife's murderer (the infamous "one-armed man") but is then caught by the police detective, Lieutenant Gerrard, who has been chasing Kimble throughout the entire series. Kimble convinces the police to let him prove his innocence, which he does via the killer's last-minute confession during a shootout at an abandoned amusement park. Some 25.7 million American households watched Dr. Kimble go free.
Tags: TV  finale  The  Fugitive 
Added: 14th June 2012
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Posted By: Lava1964
The Waltons Do you know who this is, The Waltons is an American television series created by Earl Hamner, Jr., based on his book Spencer's Mountain, and a 1963 film of the same name. First episode, September 14, 1972 and the Final episode, June 4, 1981
Tags: Waltons  John-Boy  Jim-Bob  Elizabeth  Mary  Ellen  Ben  Erin  Olivia  Zeb  Jason  Esther 
Added: 9th July 2012
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Posted By: mia_bambina

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