COME MONDAY   in Sunny Key West There's been so much said about Jimmy Buffet, both good and bad, but you can't deny the boy's got talent..
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Added: 14th November 2007
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The Corvair in Action  1960 Chevrolet Promo Film Ralph Nader will be running for President again this election. His only claim to fame was taking this car off the market back in the 60s. I only bring this to your attention because one if not two generations have no idea who Ralph Nader is. Google his book that took this car off the road Unsafe at Any Speed and you will find so many saying Nader was wrong.
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Added: 25th February 2008
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Dueling Banjos Deliverance Can't remember too much of this movie, but this just got embedded in the old grey matter.
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Added: 23rd February 2008
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Johnny Carson As Ronald Reagan In a 1982 Tonight Show skit reminiscent of the old Abbott and Costello 'Who's On First?' routine, Johnny Carson plays a befuddled Ronald Reagan being briefed by Jim Baker.
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Added: 8th September 2008
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Apollo XI Moon Landing One of history's defining moments: Man walks on the moon for the first time (July 11, 1969).
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Added: 27th November 2007
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Easy Rider Final Scene The unforgettable concluding scene of Easy Rider (1969). This senselessly violent ending is unsettling.
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Added: 9th December 2007
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Tiny Tim Tiptoe Through The Tulips There are a couple of Tiny Tim clips on this website, but there wasn't one of him performing his most famous song until now. Here he is on Laugh In circa 1969.
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Added: 17th January 2008
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Butch Cassidy Knife Fight Scene The funny 'knife fight' scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969).
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Added: 29th June 2008
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Joe Namath SI Cover Joe Namath graced the cover of Sports Illustrated after Namath's New York Jets shocked the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III in 1969.
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Added: 4th August 2008
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Rod Mckuen  A Cat Named Sloopy Carousel gave me the idea to look this guy up. Thanks C! Very inspiring poem done on The Mike Douglas Show 1969
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Added: 29th May 2009
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