Posted by: AngoraSox on 31st March 2009Reminiscermeister
Wow Teresa. You sound like an awesome person! Thanks for your terrific Colleen Corby picture. I hope you post more pictures of her. --AngoraSox
Posted by: Teresa on 31st August 2008Stove
i WISH the stove had been mine!! It was only one of my found pics . . my Dad introduced me to MANY of the great old movie classics . . and, in particular, to the BOYS FROM BRAZIL . . what a cult classic!! He passed away from cancer 3 years ago and i miss him so . . but one of the last movies we watched was NORTH BY NORTHWEST . .
Posted by: Kbug on 1st August 2008Hello!
WOW! You've done so much with your life, it sounds so interesting. Thanks for commenting on my profile! Take care and see you around!
Posted by: Ronalddean on 14th July 2008History
Wow you have been there, done that, and left for something else. I can\'t believe I have heard any body else say they like Phildelpha story and Boys From Brazel. You obviosley have good taste to. This stove is awsome. What do you cook on it? How do you keep it so new as the day it was made looking? My Grandfather said the last good meal he had was when Liza (my Grandmother) cooked it on the farm on a stove kinda like this one. You have a beautiful peace of history here.
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