subject of the debate itself, increase the user's participation, community interest and finally enhance community viscosity.
 said: "as the industry leader, we have a great user group, our fame ma..
  ComScore editor of Latin American t..
Reporters through the various efforts, still cannot find the postmaster trail.
such as adult video game site links, and small ordinary web navigation web site and no different.
while "Internet upgrades", the new not landing site added to the infected computers.
 on exclaimed. Recently swept network "quietly 8749" virus, adopte..
 new function many, fast label is one of them, its perfect compatibility and highly efficient and stable performance earnestl..
"choose new benchmark:" after appointing new benchmarks, enter will return in a reminder. ..
outside circle markers. Using fast tagging for multiple arc or can be a round create radius labeling. The selected logo objects such as does not cont..
 towards the world! Chinese software rise" awards conference winners
 abroad with their own many years' research and development of high compression high-definition file format. ..
towards the world! Chinese software rise" awards conference winners
 in the stage, a news before RC2 in IE8 formal version will say next year, but specific time has been introduced ..
  situation and at present, beca..
at the summit LiuKeLi lady spoke By the financial crisi..
are growing rapidly, such as thunderb..
In the end, Mr ZhengXiaoDong Microsoftspoke with good h..
 can hit each DVD vendors were, I think it is difficult, I always have a experience, actually solve Chinese the p..
 software industry as the core and soul of information industry, is the national economic development foundation ..
 published articles, the case that the main reason is that card system company information security measures are ..
 functions, will inevitably lead hackers attack, and the more people involved in this, and will have more ..
announced last month since November 2005, were 2.3 million since successively to the agency, reflecting their complaints
software. According to the American justice minister said he had stolen software, mainly used for maintenance of physical ring to t..
 morning next few pages. U.n. spokesman said, about the matter to investigate, and strengthen the network securit..
Five of the most dangerous hackers in history Microsoft office 2007
Public information, provoke social contradictions. Microsoft
black" seven classes Prank type: like in others, t..
Cookies files. "Of course, the new hot Internet access can avoid the problem, such as Google in
In early August, hackers and computer security experts gathered at the Las Vegas, to attend the annual hackers conference, and this..
At present, already more and more colleges and universities be Coremail mail system safety, stable a..
Zhongguancun online software group news: recently, the digital music by users love music box of excl..
Help HuFu, make multi-win-win situation
Obviously, small and medium-sized SI if have such a "background", can be heat in the cold winter heating: it can fire up his shortage of up..
Industry analysts pointed out that, in addition to Vista operating system "mistakes", the Internet this rapid rise has also forced Microsof..
Microsoft Windows platform global vice President Michael strategically MikeNash) admit, Nash (as Windows 7's previous operating system, Microsoft..
Pay treasure vice President in Beijing QiuChangHeng seminar disclosed, domestic first e-commerce sys..
May 13th news, "pay treasure in just five years developing so fast, not to say in infrastructur..
It was also reported that the "little orange lamp" theme activities second launch "li..
According to understand, 100 FuBao has become the most current support bank third-party platform, this means that it will be more significant for the..
"characters" and "pinyin"..
"characters" and "pinyin"..
To copy a text or graphics copy, at first, in press select content at the same time, Ctrl key will be selected with the mouse
24th March 2011We may need more
slow or faster speed. In a making courseware,..
24th March 20111. Code compiling
Open Word 2003, click "tools > macro - macro" menu commands, then appear "macro" dialog box, will "macro&q..
bar open/close find "part" button (if not can click on "options"
24th March 2011Rumsfeld menu
Rumsfeld menu
 "cow" talent - t..
First in Excel spreadsheets in the outline de..
24th March 2011Form, "pop-up" form
Figure 2 form toolbar Form domain after cell inserting will a..
name frame shows the beginning selected cell name. If the toview constituency of size, can this oper..
the "search and replace dialog and activate" search "TAB, Ctrl + H opened the" s..
"Ascending order" and "descending order"
12th March 2011The second method:
This kind of method applies to cancel all the hidden hidden top line. Procedure is as follows:
usually in the cell input space, then Spaces, click "form" selected on the toolbar "_..
Excel2007 corresponding files, called "Excel12. XLB", in which the files are stored in a W..
(the cell input numerical, such as "1" and then Ctrl button, it will drag filling handle w..
The Shift + Spacebar choose column (may and input method conflict)
subtraction, multiplication, division, such as calculated every time you want to input equals to display operation result, appear very complicated. I..
1.  group select new window &quo..
30th January 2011Taming time travel 2
The experiments were meant to simulate freaky paths through spacetime called closed timelike curves,..
30th January 2011Taming time travel 1
In contrast, Lloyd prefers a model of time travel that explicitly forbids these inconsistencies. Thi..
30th January 2011 Taming time travel
 The Australian team put that technology to use. First they gave more than 200 celiac patients in Australia and Britain wheat, barley and..
Three protein fragments are looking like the guilty parties in celiac disease, an intestinal ailment that affects as many as one in 133 people in the..
The researchers found that compared with controls, dogs given the combined treatment had the greatest benefit. Those dogs had the biggest improvement..
28th December 2010Trained CREW<6>
Hardly anyone in the media or the Democratic Party needed any double-checking when it came to the unsubstantiated charge that Rove had engineered an attack on Joe Wilson. "There's no question that..
23rd December 2010Hastert La Vista, Baby!<1>
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