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22nd February 2011POSTERIOR ANALYTICS(75)
When one of a number of logicallyindiscriminable particulars has made a stand, the earliest universalis present in the soul: for though..
22nd February 2011POSTERIOR ANALYTICS(74)
 Therefore we must possess acapacity of some sort, but not such as to rank higher in accuracy thanthese developed sta..
22nd February 2011POSTERIOR ANALYTICS(73)
If immediate premisses are not reached at once, and there is notmerely one middle but several middles, i.e. several causes; is thecause..
22nd February 2011POSTERIOR ANALYTICS(72)
 If the species are taken severally,the effect is wider than the subject (e.g. the possession ofexternal angles equal..
22nd February 2011POSTERIOR ANALYTICS(71)
 For instance, deciduous character will belongexclusively to a subject which is a whole, and, if this whole hasspecie..
 There were three methods, however, ofescaping the flames of persecution, which were not attended withan equal degree of guil..
 On thesemelancholy occasions, there were many among the Gentiles whopitied, who admired, and who were converted. ..
He earnestly beseechesthe Romans, that when he should be exposed in the amphitheatre,they would not, by their kind but unseasonable intercessio..
The learning of Dodwell(Dissertat. Cyprianic. xii. xiii.,) and the ingenuity ofMiddleton, (Free Inquiry, p. 162, &c.,) have left scarcely a..
 It is not easy to extract anydistinct ideas from the vague though eloquent declamations of theFathers, or to ascertain..
The founder of the whistleblowing website Wikileaks today defended his decision to publish thousands of secret US military files about ..