Want to keeping the weight down, you should be careful with the trap of high calories foods. 1. Western-style food. Eat dish only occupy one corner of the big plate, but the calorie will be surpri..
Perfect breast should start from healthy diet. If you want to have beautiful breast, you have to eat calories foods which body acquire. Besides, protein、vitamin、trace elements and ma..
Set one body-building plan Provide enough time to reach this plan. Donít stress yourself, so that you can keep enough passion to do it. And never give up. Set one small slimming goal, like do..
The best time: 1~2 hour after dinner WHY: Hollywood star coach Ashley Borden thinks 1~2 hour after dinner is the best time to lose weight. Do exercise at this time can consume much more heat, an..
White turnip White turnip contains mustard oil, it can promote fat matter proceed metabolism effect; and avoid accumulate fat. Carrot It contains rich pectate calcium; it will be elimina..
Correct exercise can help you to lose weight and good for your health. Firstly, you have to make sure if you have the necessary to lose weight?meizitang You n..
29th October 2010how to slim your face
1. Quit spicy food + fasting snacks You should be pay meizitangattention to the edema of face if you want to keep a perfect face line. If inattention your be..
Let us tell you how to use one minute to lose weight. AM 7:00 Good morning! Our exercise should be startmeizitang after you wake up. Put your pillow in your..
1. Do not eating while watching TV Research show that you will eating 40% more foods while watching TV. Because meizitangyour attention will be dis..
1. Too much stress: release metabolism can be easy cause big appetite Work stress is the first reason lead office lady fat. Intensively job competition, office worker have to undertake large ..
The researchers from America Colombia University and University of Cambridge found that: gene、lack of sleeping、even air-condition and other factors which you can image will affect your..
1. Potato is a good product for natural beauty Potato has the good effect to nurse and beauty skin. Fresh potato juice can apply onto face directly, it can whiten skin. Skin can be easily burn..
1. Drink more water or lower calories beverage Sometimes people are not quite sure if they are hungry or thirsty. Unconsciously, we usually take many unnecessary calories. Actually only one cup of ..
Metabolism influencing factor Increase metabolism is honored as the first step of weight loss by most of experts. Actually, it also depends on other factors. Firstly, man burns much more calories ..