Because since 2006 has been two years in xiamen losses,

if the whole year continues to lose money, they will face the risk of suspended for listing, xiamen is already is expected to present first nine months of this year, the company performance continues to lose money.

Xiamen is the half annual Microsoft Office 2010 is good.

report showed, electronic company mainly color TV business sales in the first half of 40% year-on-year drop in domestic market sales, which fell 50%. Data shows that in the first half year-on-year sales color TV sets, xiamen, tumbled 45% of overall market share of flat-panel televisions with only 1%, fall to a domestic brand seventh.

And more terrible than the market downturn, is already facing xiamen electronic capital chain crisis, even for enterprise survival. The Office 2010 key is an amazing gift for me.

In half annals of xiamen said at the end of the implementation of the macroeconomic regulation and control policy to xiamen credit-tightening has brought serious test. At present the company capital condition is very nervous, capital chain has become the key to the company can survive. It is reported, two years of continuous operating losses has become a bank loan compression of xiamen main object. Xiamen is said by funds, influence, in the first half of this year the company on domestic sales market development has been insufficient capital investment situation, led directly to a sharp decline in domestic market.

Xiamen is electronic in 2003 and 2004 Buy Microsoft Office to help your office work.

, had two consecutive years after a loss, comes from the traditional color television tube TV industry to flat TV, the transformation of xiamen was on the boat small good advantage of "turn become the first transition to attack flat TV enterprise, this makes xiamen in 2005 in profits back to life.