"2008 Linux developers
conference held in China, Office 2010     will be to promote open source software development important milestone
events. The first large scale international conference on the top Linux developers at home and
abroad together, at the same time, this symposium is also home to open source Linux community
results and contribution of showcase for the first time. Miss social networking sites, to miss the future
Only by a web site Facebook
and, perhaps, incubation and support a healthy industry -ZhuanGao Wharton Office 2010 save your time and save your money. Rome is not built in a day, most of the formation of the industry
also is such, but the social networking site Facebook chief executive Mark, Mark Zuckerberg zack
(bloomberg) in a 2007 comment as a entrepreneurship competition-some people call it "Facebook
economy" gun seems to enough. And Zack bloomberg announced that Facebook-a in 2004 he created the
privatisation of social networking sites, will be open to third party software developers, the
website will change for a other enterprise can be on the top of the operation platform. Eight months
later, on Facebook from a third party developers application software number more than 14000, and
the user can above do whatever you want to do, to browse select books from flirting. The most
successful third party The invention of Microsoft
Office 2010 is a big change of the world.developers to get significant network advertising revenue.
What exactly is Facebook is
becoming a new generation of industry support Internet operation system, or the socialization of
this new application software industry too rely on a single web site high popularity? Industry
leaders and experts think, those with the ability to manage risk enterprise will have great