attention. Office 2007

Test results showed that HaoChen ICAD2007i on the function with AutoCAD, and according to the 2007 basic quite design requires developed three-dimensional cutting, shading, text shielding and other some new functions, have been able to fully satisfy the design needs, is domestic CAD software to realize great-leap-forward development of outstanding performance. ICAD2007i functions such as HaoChen in 3d on the innovation and improvement also further broke the domestic CAD platform software, the technical bottleneck for designers to bring a completely new use experience.

In the stability and correctness, in a given test cases, ICAD2007i with AutoCAD HaoChen 2007 operating normally, and look CAD2007 and weft CAD2007 but exist some balance in the different degree of mistakes; HaoChen processing speed, in 2007 ICAD2007i with AutoCAD part performance index and basic quite look CAD2007, compared with CAD2007 weft balance when comprehensive advantage; DWG files for three-dimensional entity of the operation, ICAD2007i with AutoCAD HaoChen 2007 part performance index, but the basic rather than look CAD2007 CAD2007 and weft balance; In memory footprint, in a given test environment, HaoChen ICAD2007i with AutoCAD of different size 2007 file to open the space basic quite memory footprint, and look CAD2007 CAD2007 and weft balance in open after the memory footprint large files larger space but.