ms office 2010 Twitter since the launch in April 08 on Japanese service.

 Although the number of people clicking in January when only 200000 Microsoft Office 2010 people but media reports the United States President barack Obama and the Japanese economy critics-and the generation between celebrities after use, the number of people clicking in the same year the Twitter August 10 times the rapid growth and break through 2 million. Cell phones can read Twitter, the user appeared to further increase.

More from Nielsen main countries to users of the implementation of the Office 2007 sampling survey estimated that after, Twitter company is not released subscribers.

Google is working with the American satellite TV company Dish Network TV search service cooperation test.

The sources, this service in the Google Android operating system running on the set-top box, the user can search from the Dish, and YouTube video service, network, and the content of customized for the program. Users can input the key word to search through. Google hopes office 2010 home and business the service can promote the development of the new TV advertising agency business, according to the user the programs to watch and TV search material sent precise advertising.