Windows 7 The whole event down

 front while it seems clear, but there is no apparent winner, and both parties, associated enterprise, users, regulators, everyone is very hurt!

For this was meant to be loaded in China's Internet development landmark event, Office 2007 has a very simple way to install.

really necessary in view of the basic calm down after today, seriously rationally discussed from different aspects, in order to avoid similar tragedy happened again for China's Internet of a fair competition order system and regulations lay foundation, to protect the legal rights of the user. Among them, from a legal perspective on the merits of the both parties, of course, is an indispensable important aspects.

In view of the whole event began in user privacy, Do you ever buy the Microsoft Office 2007 ?

we will be the first to analysis the scanning of the QQ whether belong to spy out the user privacy act; And then the biggest buckle analysis dispute buckle the legal attribute of bodyguards software problems, trying to clear the meaning of hacking, species and scope. Need to explain, because of this dispute technology and legal problems interweave, we can only to the related legal issues on analysis, technical problems by technology department authority to make the conclusion.

To answer the scanning behavior are peek QQ the user privacy, Office professional 2010 will let your work faster and easier.

must first define what is privacy?

For what is privacy, different people must have different view, the different legal culture under, the meaning of the concept of privacy differ greatly. 1 the international academic community generally think that the countries of east Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) general lack of common law countries that privacy concepts,