Office 2010 home and student Because of the very active trading yesterday alibaba

even causing trading system appear "jams". Hong Kong securities broker industry association President LiYaoXin says, Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.because yesterday morning session alibaba's order, lead to a deal is overloaded system, once appear "jam". He says, generally popular new shares listed on the same day that the number of order will be many, and often will lead to the above situation. The Hong Kong stock exchange yesterday confirmed in early trading, Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.

when did receive individual brokers, said the report in transactions with "into the machine slow".

Facing the enthusiasm of the market, in the listed eve has been deliberately in public keep a low profile ma finally revealed yesterday have long time no see, in addition to smile to hk $30 said opening price satisfaction, alibaba's sudden "top" seems to let this "maniac" smooth added a few minutes of feeling. Office 2007 is on sale now. 

"I appreciate this time, thanks to this industry, and thank you for this opportunity to thank you, customers and investors support." Facing the year after eight years of alibaba was listed, "maniac" rare "modest" ma said, in the present China's Internet big company of the few cases, alibaba to succeed listed and adore, one of the accidental element's pretty big, including the luck of the many factors in it.