. IPO watch is mainly the arrangement of the CSRC. "

Releasing the gem

The industry generally want gem launched as soon as possible. Science and technology minister wan "2008 in the 10 th China risk investment BBS" is put forward on science and technology support, as soon as possible, Office 2010 is 100% perfect.

will launch gem with the China securities regulatory commission jointly carry out the independent innovation enterprises

Industry to enter the cultivation of the growth enterprise market, guide and promote with strong independent innovation ability, and high growth enterprise access to the capital market.

The central university of finance and securities and futures market research institute professor karchijner a suggestion: "Office 2010 beta is very easy.

gem in the launch of the specific time on, must grasp." He says, the best in the market can strong, if the eye when launched

Before this weak markets cases out of the market, will the gem is a blow.

Economists LiuJiPeng said, management method after the completion of the renovation, and the supporting measures and guarantor system need to take time to develop, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a great assistant for your daily life.

and at the same time it also will FaShenWei was established. In this way, out of the gem in the Olympic Games will be 80% of the time