26th September 2011Tianjin: get ahead

Tianjin: get ahead

Get ahead of tianjin has begun to take shape. By the end of August 2008, tianjin equity, business investment fund enterprise has reached more than 100.

September 4,, tianjin shipping industry investment funds approved by the state, it is the first pilot only industrial fund-bohai Discount Office 2010 home and student are for you.

industrial investment funds of tianjin second after only industrial investment funds, the total size is 20 billion yuan, can use direct financing methods to buy large vessels and special vessel. By the end of 2006, bohai industrial fund set up in tianjin, this also is China's first only Chinese industrial investment funds.

In fact, as the approval of the state council of China's comprehensive reform, the tianjin binhai new area and pudong new area in Shanghai financial enterprise, the financial business, financial market and financial major reform and opening up, in principle can be first try first.

Tianjin would have to develop China private equity fund center. In May 2008, the national development and reform commission issued the "Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

about in the tianjin binhai new area first try first equity funds on reform of the reply of tianjin, support to speed up the development of equity funds.

China equity investment funds industry's first self-discipline organization-tianjin equity funds last year, the association was founded the main functions of the self-discipline rules, including setting the supervision and inspection of member behaviors, stop the improper competition in the industry, education, etc. Investors

By the end of 2007, tianjin binhai new area business risk investment guide fund set up, at that time this is the largest scale business risk investment guide government funds. Its 2 billion yuan scale will take "mother fund" means operation, Office professional 2010 is 100% perfect.

attracting investment performance at home and abroad is prominent, the management experience of mature business starting investment agencies into the binhai new area, strive to drive the direct investment of 50 billion yuan.

Not only such, tianjin also actively DaTai held twice, Chinese enterprises international financing fair, for foreign funds and investment institutions of 500, over 1600 enterprises set up direct financing platform.