Denied custody, the listed company's future was not yet clear

On April 2, 2009, radio and television electronic dong secret HuZhiKui clear told reporters: Mr. "ShangGuangDian group is not mandatory. Microsoft outlook likes the assistant in your office.

The future company, the company will have to related announcement."

Industrial securities red analysts: ShangGuangDian DuoNian group for bad management, now, in Shanghai inspected the background of the adjustment, debt restructuring and so on, to the listed company is also a kind of opportunity.

"Although the Shanghai government established working group of the state-owned assets supervision and to do research, to ShangGuangDian Microsoft Office 2007 is cheaper than the professional version.roup do in debt restructuring, believe that after the strategy group didn't change." Analysts say: "the red in the 4 trillion industrial rejuvenation planning, flat industry upgrading and color television industry transformation is one of the key projects. And liquid crystal display manufacturing just by a wave Office professional 2010 is 100% perfect.

of economic cycle industry, just influence in the international financial crisis under the influence of the more prominent."