In the movie, the body of the golden prince threatening Microsoft office 2007



 heroic spirit, have affection of the improper yong; The database, the introduction of XML database to see if it could have DB2 mora? Today, although not at the database will and XML, but words said XML is in perfect database, the first done process plays an important role, estimates that no one will protest. It is not difficult to understand the IBM DB2 database by 9 when the Viper directly support as its new product XML biggest selling point. Microsoft Office is so great!

As the mother of a relational database, DB2 in relational database is automatics era. Along with the development of the process of information and enterprise, the enterprise internal information exchange between the needs of the XML as the standardization, data storage, and the amount of data format is facing a lot of growth. And in each competitor releasing support XML database products, IBM after DuoNian preparation and technology after accumulation of its own "hybrid" chariots, and use V9 DB2-the IBM has registered trademark-" pureXML "named solutions to manage the data stored in XML format. This means that it can provide XML data storage, Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

the "original" without conversion of data into ranks format, also do not need it as a large object (LOB) to store. Why in relational database is very mature today, all manufacturers have in hand is not very mature XML? Admittedly, relational database in maturity and applications of a big advantage in degrees, but in the application and storage, its again have the congenital inadequacy. For example if relational database relational database modify some field, the influence of dynamic range is quite large, will not only affect the previous data with other data, the relationship between the table and must be considered in the elasticity of the change, the small. And XMLXML is based on hierarchical tree structural framework,