because the Internet needs a concentration Microsoft Office 2010


  of path to monitoring information, search engine through these approach provides distributed service. Distributed and centralized complement each other, contact us for distributed more, because we are possible as an individual to application information management software, but undeniable, distributed in the progress of centralized system is also in growth, leave with centralized, distributed, is also unable to grow up. About by the network to the grid's statement, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great. I think this is concentrated and distribution of another kind of expression. The grid concept is the sense that gives a person is focused, but in fact it is the distribution of the grid, is put all your information to be gathered, in logic is focused, and in physics is the distribution. As for the semantic characters from the cross over, I think this is the quantitative and qualitative difference. Due to the uncertain information, needed to deal with the increase of uncertainty, the data model at present information service from the quantitative tendency is to qualitative development. This is not only the database of issues to deal with, also is the IT industry to solve the problem. Office 2010 is my favorite.

For instance in the survey China mobile and China unicom's popularity, once carried on the questionnaire survey will, is the method of quantitative analysis, and now we can to find information website, according to everyone's comments come to the conclusion that qualitative analysis. This is not only to collect information change, also is the change of the method, is based on the model from the quantitative into qualitative onslaught. IT with the trend of the development of social development and change, because IT is in the service of the society.