from to the grid, from character to semantic retrieval, Office 2010


 now can be regarded as an intersection, then DB2 standing on the 9 position, if we represent the future data and information management system development trend? Wang yunwu several problems: in fact, this is a link between. From the first on distribution to start, I think the two will coexist, as has been A relational database and XML, won't appear as A replace B situation, Office 2010 is new for you.

because they have distinguishing feature each. Distributed and centralized in certain conditions can be transformation, based on the need to decide. The focus of the distribution of the meaning is to, with the development of science and technology, the application of distribution appeared, and not to say distributed will replace centralized. Such as everyone has their own bank deposit book, look is distributed applications, but the real deposit book by the banking system is centralized management, if transfer accounts business, it is only through to focus on the way to more efficient. That year the reason for causing the super computer, Microsoft Office 2010 is ready to help your work..

 because the similar this kind of math problems matrix computation, can not complete, can only through the distribution of a high performance computer to complete the operation. Here we can set the web1.0 and web2.0 that, if not baidu Google or Yahoo today this kind of search engine, the Internet is not work properly, because of tens of thousands of decentralized networks can't be together, people can't find the information they need. In fact the search engine system itself is focused,