At that time the database from tree Microsoft Office



 structure into relational model, because the relational database more rich expression, can show the more complicated relationship. For example, the relationship between supplier and components to belong to more than a type of, tree structure can't express express the relationship. Today the XML application, and appear not to replace relational database, but a relational expansion. Only one objective is to improve the efficiency of the application layer, Office 2010 is best for all office users.

 and provide a more economic and effective in the treatment of show layer data model. The programmer ": this time the DB2 9 released in, the real level of data structure will be on the ground floor of the database, from IBM IMS start, the network, the relationship between database experience and levels of development history, please you talk about this a few simple the relationship between. Wang yunwu: whether mesh, relationship or level of data structure, its expressions were each have an advantage. In fact, the network model said is more than the relationship between the two, Microsoft Office is very helpful for us.

such as mentioned the suppliers and the relationship between the components, if plus project of words, became the relationship between, in this case, the expressive force of relational database more abundant. Relationship model base and mesh model, the biggest advantage is compared, it can describe the dynamic relationship, some things on the face of it, there is no any contact, but when necessary, use of relational database can find their relationship. Microsoft Office 2010 makes work easier.

The tree structure is one of the show floor effective, easy to understand communication way, but can't performance in the reality of the complicated relationship. Sum up, it is easy to see in fact relation model can contain and cover network in villages outfit model. "Programmers" : when DB2 9, IBM has listed the experts called the product is DB3, do you feel this product can when this name?