· makes project has the capacity to Microsoft Office



 confirm or isolation project major change sources confirm project progress, the reason from plan.

· to confirm the completed work and ongoing work, allowing the team to track the parcel

· to provide basic work packages source and working time form, help make group management project process.

· can and a legacy of information system is very good compatibility.

In time, help project team, budget, quality baseline predict risk.

· told the new team need to implement quality standards, when to start implementing and why should carry out. Office 2010 is my favorite. 

· from work classification structure (WBS recently), combining work throughout the project classification structure can provide work packages in production cycle status report. These reports include work packages recognition, and price code and schedules combined, independent reflect the work conditions.

Redesigned project management process

We analyzed the existing management process and think it enough to solving business problems, or adapt to improve target. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes. We had to spend considerable time development recording new process.

In our confirmation of information demand and existing project management process and methods exist between big barriers. So we need to develop a significant quantities of project management program. We set up eight program directory. The following is the part list and program directory:

The project's defined process

· preliminary assessment Microsoft Office 2010 is so great. 

· technical specifications of preparation

· began to review

Estimation procedure and cost control

· from the bottom up evaluation preparation

· cost control

· expenses feedback

Program schedule

· planning glossary

· project milestones