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 making top managers have enough about project information method, to avoid the wrong message cause project cannot normal. Traditionally see, engineers and project managers and their top managers and some functional departments in project status, no sufficient communication. They believe that it's their duty to project and that they had the right to handle their good. In addition, the functional departments always reluctant to or have no time for engineers to provide relevant information. This kind of environment federation of causing engineering of delay, over budget or quality is low.

Signs of problems Office 2007 can make life better and easier. 

The following symptoms keep us aware of the implementation of the project management information system of necessity:

In information collection of system analysis in many need to control things

Without a dedicated system, integration of time, budget, scope and quality objectives.

· engineering is often timeout. Over budget, or the quality is low.

In order to overcome, lack of information, the managers in internal company establish another similar project organization and wasted money, time and energy.

· project manager/team cannot report accurate project in time, budget, remaining workload position.

This is why we decided to use this reform the development project management information system:

· sure we need

The current situation, with superior leadership we need to achieve the establishment of project management information system to compare the target.

· in what we need and have established communication between what.

Find the answers to the questions Microsoft Office is helpful. 

We study of these symptoms, pointed out the many problems:

What kind of information, we need to enrich our plan, organize, and control our project?

· we should share with other partners what information between?

· in internal company, we need other project team in the relevant project with us what information?

What kind of information, we need to adjust our project and the company of other item activities?

· have accurate, timely and relevant information at what price?

· the existing information for us make the decision?

· whether we have too much data and lacks practical information?

Project management information system, to this project really useful?

Improvement goals

I also think the new system can better improve project management process. This means that we need to declare that we improve as the what the object is, in order to we can in system establishment stage to make according to these goals that required by the system. I think that the new system improvement goals should have the following: