decision may not necessarily be launched a good move. Although Microsoft has done the research for Kin, and found that most consumers are using Kin smartphones access social networking, this does not necessarily mean that they must through the launch its own smartphone to implement this function. In fact, consumers may prefer like iPhone that equipment, can provide social networking function, and other everything I need function. Realize this, Microsoft need to keep watch for Kin smartphones. If this cellular phone is not popular in Windows Phone7 produced or not good influence, they need to immediately stop Kin phone sales and r&d.

Three, quick with developers build partnerships Office 2010 is my favorite. Microsoft has said is currently and developers cooperation, will they develop applications on Microsoft's application store. This is a good thing, but Microsoft will need to do a little special focus efforts. Steve jobs on the apple's WWDC conference, App Store has now said 225,000 applications there. Google, can saying is the largest in market Microsoft competitors, the current application store at least 50,000 multiple applications available for download use. But, if consumer and enterprise customers in Microsoft's application store for Windows Phone7 platform can only find out thousands of applications for Windows, then it Phone7 platform development is unfavorable. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great. 

Meanwhile, in March this year to more than 1,000 developers Appcelerator investigation, found to have 87% of developers are interested in iPhone platform applications developed for the Android platform, like the proportion of mobile application development for 81%, 53% of the developers like for iPad, exploit and focused on the U.S. market BlackBerry has 43 percent of proportion, but to Microsoft very disappointed for Windows 7 is willing to please the developers platform development compared to just 34%, is one of the lowest. Therefore, in the face of this case, Microsoft must hurry netting developers, tightening pursued, offer some developers attractive policy, for example, store registration fees slightly reduce, applied upload procedures complexity is reduced, and the developers into mode adjust, according to a developer offers some training tutorials, and some demo tutorials, convenient developer portal. In an application developer income increased implant advertising,. And university cooperation holds development competition, etc. To be able to reflect Windows Phone7 platform application of functional value more, the value of Microsoft's mobile platform, the greater the.