the company's game and intelligent mobile phone business, let the Lees (Microsoft Andrew mobile communication director) reporting directly to their cause.

This time, ballmer gave Andrew Lees control Microsoft smartphone operating fate ability. It also means, except that no one else can decide outside ballmer Microsoft Windows Phone7 software business. Also implied that Microsoft unwilling to give up mobile market determination. If Andrew Lees hoping to use Microsoft's mobile department to the next 10 years, the following ten is he should do:

1, dedicated Windows please platform Office 2007 can make life better and easier. Behind Windows Mobile about operating system, Microsoft should hope everyone will forget it. Although in the past ten years this platform do have very good, but the present competition environment, Windows Mobile is no upgrade space, without a new element infuse, no longer respected, also means in a die phase, that it is a shadow for Microsoft. Microsoft needs to remember that this platform to PC system of Windows Vista, despite the brief appearance was ejected from the market, Microsoft have to do now is pretend to Windows Mobile doesn't exist. Microsoft Office is helpful.

 to see the true value of Phone7 run Windows, with successful cover failure. Still need as soon as laid a hand on him, will new customers to attract new mobile operating system, because Android and iPhone have equipment, and with the new system in new equipment function in attracting new clients demo, have had great results.

2, closely monitor Kin smartphone market feedback