interface or function, with commercial versions of both GSX Server didn't make too much difference, and other products with VMware keep highly compatible. Therefore say it's the alternative version GSX Server.

VMware user need only to registered on the site can download VMware Server installation files (Windows version of the size 140MB) and get free for the serial number. After installation, users also can directly download several pre-assembled virtual operating system files, size ranging from 200MB to 2GB and provides the operating system including Novell, Redhat Linux Ubuntu Linux, and with all integrated MySQL database application or Oracle, etc.

VMware Player let IT managers run VMware product created by other virtual machine Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

instructions. Have it, you can download a VMware Technology from the reconstruction of the virtual machine, can also with other organizations reuse virtual machine.

Little order

Insgroupsto little company is another vigorously support open-source software, it has been virtualization company launch server virtualization of VMware tools, trying to compete with. In 2006, the company once declared give up their virtualization software to support open source Xen project.

The Single Server insgroupsto little company Virtualization and Management software (performance Server Virtualization and little order Management) can create Linux or Windows Virtual Server. It can run 32-bit or 64-bit storage application software, storage systems support iSCSI, storage area network (SAN) or between local networks. Using the little performance Server Microsoft Office is helpful.

software order to create Virtual node must support the Intel company's Virtual Technology VT (Technology) or Virtualization Virtualization, AMD.


Open source Xen virtualization as a banner said. The open source virtualization of commercial virtualization software tools such as companies like Microsoft, VMware has a significant effect, forcing the company will some tools for users to use open source and free. Xen is a specially designed for x86 server virtualization ready to open source software package, it is by the university of Cambridge, UK, development, by XenSource company commercialized operation. Xen run in Linux, Windows and Linux virtual machine support.