Somebody thinks, achievement Microsoft Office


 "the high-quality goods", the quality of the writing itself is vital, "some network writers concerns is how much money online writing. It's business, rather than literature." LiXue night said.

LuJinBo also think: "the authors are not too hasting." He laughs and says, "if LiXunHuan 'chance next' fecundity", will write those "for literary ideal writing, writing carefully, to write for the soul of the good book."

And ZhaoChangTian think, compared with personal quality, social environment, improve the network environment more important. "Like a not quite civilized people enter the five-star hotel not to spit is same, it is environmental change him. Our literature evaluation mechanism, can't always blow and buried without talented young people, through to guide mass public opinion to protect pure literature development, encouraging diversified exists."

"In fact now young people face more difficult than we had the creation of the environment. Now standard is mainly business interests and market approval with literature related art, faded. Ago a standard instead of carrying out an authoritative critics can writer, now no one can read online most of the works. No comparison, it cannot judgment." ZhaoChangTian added.

According to foreign media reports, in the video, e-commerce and the network game's driven, China is to transcend the United States later this year, to become the world's second big broadband market.