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To have a global 1.5 million users download software express (FlashGet) again came to the forefront of the industry. Last night, made public Beta 2.0 user launched express version 4, to express the official website quietly on-line. New express not only adopted more powerful kernel, and constantly improve P4S technology also make the download "mixed" more agreement becomes possible, and thus to express the user bring "soared" download sensations.

Reporter made a simple test, through the household ADSL network, respectively on baidu MP3, the software park, fast download CheWang movie channel websites such as different types of files. Tests found that express 2.0 Beta 4 not only in HTTP and FTP download speed is far more than the average download software, BT speed than similar client software several times ahead. According to understand, new express the frenetic download speed, thanks to its original P4S technology application.

For most users, although Internet share resources are increasingly rich, movies, music and game downloads has become a lot of people in the Internet life an indispensable part of the agreement, but because the network transmission numerous, many users in the face of HTTP, FTP, BT and so on diverse ways will be at a loss the download, virtually increased the difficulty of resource download; Together with the resources of each agreement between relatively closed, caused a few big resource sharing way, download independently unable to improve efficiency.