Posted by: Jedwgrn on 2009-08-16 
Meowwie, you have courage and I respect that, no apology necessary. Expressing your opinion as you did is exemplary. In fact, it is refreshing to hear what you think. It is the unidentified knives in my back that I mind. Patriots true to their beliefs, supported by their actions, continue daily to be the strength of this or any other country. Let all that enjoy freedom be ever vigilant and mindful of that fact. Forgive me for being the bohemian that I am.

Pithy LPROUD, pithy.
Posted by: LPROUD on 2009-08-16 
I can understand Jack as I feel the same as you do. While I believe Michael Jackson's entire life was tragic there is no doubt that he was extremely talented. I do not know if he was just a victim or a victimizer. I don't know or really care if the allegations against him were true. It doesn't matter and it's just plain sad either way. I have enjoyed some of his music, think he was a tremendous talent but the hype is just nauseating. What is wrong with this country is that celebrities are worshipped like gods and given free passes for bad behavior because of it. I'm not saying this is the case of Michael Jackson but it does show where our society has gone. While I know that there are many people that lost a loved one that day, there are many people who just gave up the fight, whatever that fight was for them. As much as I long for the past I can honestly say that I believe when it comes to Michael Jackson it's time to move on.
Posted by: Meowwie on 2009-08-16 
Well, everybody, all I can say is, if my comments offended, I apologize.
The world seems to be such an opinionated and cold place sometimes.
I recognize your contributions to our country, Mr. Green. And I thank You for Your service.
Yes, we're all entitled to our opinions.
If i came across harshly, that was not my intent.
My contention was, that sometimes people are judged by popular opinion and tabloid stories, when the truth sometimes is never known.
I didn't join here to make enemies.
I joined because I enjoy nostalgia.
If anyone's feelings are hurt because of my postings, I regret that.
Please accept my right to express an opinion, just as I do yours.
A friend to all,
Posted by: Old Fart on 2009-08-16 
Hard to make a stance on this. I'll just respect the tremendous talent he had despite a really weird childhood compared to most any child.
Posted by: Jedwgrn on 2009-08-16 
Meowwie a very dear friend of mine passed Monday and we buried her Friday. A person who was courageous, truthful, honest, humble, and with the most upstanding moral convictions that a human can possess. And I shake my head.

Do we receive all the justice we can afford? I do not perceive Michael Jackson as you do. If there is smoke is there a fire? Who knows? Did he receive all the justice he could afford? Did OJ? Did Madoff? Did Milken? And, this list can go on forever.

I reject your insinuation and lamentation. Regardless of his abilities at any juncture of his career, I reserve the right to form my opinion of his conduct based the information that I possess. I grant nothing and restate, 'Today all I do is just shake my head when I hear about this person.' And, can I say as much about myself? Yes, 23 years active duty Army and 17 years civilian service with the US Army (40 years of service to this country, two wars, wounded in Vietnam). Does this matter? Depends on who is making the decision.

Jack Green MSG, USA (Ret)