Posted by: Meowwie on 2009-11-21 
LOL.. hippie tune.. ok.. im a hippie.. oops.. im a baby boomer.. anyway...... i love this song.. just listen and sway.. ya gotta let go sometime.
sing it !!
Posted by: Teresa on 2008-06-20 
i listened to that song over and over . . . thought i knew EVERY word . . hahaha! all the young dudes . . carry the 'noose' . . well, they HAD mentioned suicide!!
Posted by: DBtv on 2008-06-20 
I just put this album on my iPod today. Classic 70's glam rock by a great band. Oh, to be 21 again.

Funny clip. How far music video has come since the advent of MTV.
Posted by: donmac101 on 2008-06-19 
Mott The Hoople did the Bowie written tune justice and that video of the British youngsters of the 70's is so embarrassing.
Posted by: Rickfmdj on 2008-06-19 
Great Hippie tune...Good one!